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Affiliation Programme Definition

When a Customer comes to Business Globalizer with your affiliate link and pays for any of our service, the Affiliate network records the purchase and details of this transaction. When it is credited, you'll get paid in general 5% commission.

Higer Earning

You can promote Business Globalizer by sharing the offer on social media and different forums. Your affiliate link will be inactive until we approve it, allowing you to receive a 5% commission after someone uses your link to buy any of our products. If you're an agency or if you've referred many people in past months, then contact us for higher commissions!

Personalized Account

We reward our affiliates with a personalized dashboard showing their Profile and affiliate activity. To start, the first 20 referrals will get $20 extra in commission to make up for any time they put into this. This target commission increases based on performance.

Product Variety

With Business Globalizer, you have a wide range of services to choose from. For example, Company incorporation, Dropshipping, Payment Gateway, E-commerce, etc. You also can get paid by the standard bank transfer or with your international credit card (Visa / Mastercard). What is more important is that every service has its own features as well as a different customer base; so if you want your affiliation promotion an easy one, then this would be the right move for you!

Engage Fanbase

You have the option to create your own fanbase and earn commission by sharing your knowledge or other services. Building trust in a community will gain you many followers who love to see what you are up to, which can be beneficial for both parties involved with commissions. People who manage this will get rewarded with a commission from the company or person getting benefited from these activities.


How We Get Things Moving?

Yes! At Business Globalizer, we help you go global. Be it Company Formation, unlocking Payment Gateways for you or Taxation, we take the hassle off your backs! But how do we do it? Let’s take a look!

All You Need to Do is Fill Out the Details!

Upon contacting us/registration, we’ll send you a form with necessary details. Fill it up and chill! Our Experts will take care of the rest for you.

Pay Us with Ease!

You can use any of the supported payment gateways to pay us. We’ll start the process immediately after that!

We Complete the Entire Process in Due Time!

Once you pay us, our legal department and experts get on the job! We take pride in doing our jobs efficiently and quickly when it counts!

State of the Art Customer Support!

In a pickle about a document or a process in general? Don’t worry, a dedicated and trained team of customer support guys are on hand 24/7 to assist you!

We Break Down the Process

That’s true! Business Globalizer has a team of professionals who do the small things right. We strive to break the complicated processes down to a tee. Our team will find the best route forward 100% of the time, every time!

How We Approach Our Work?

You think of expanding your business like every entrepreneur out there. We get that! That’s why we help you take things to the next level of recognition. Our experts team up to deliver you the best results

What We Strive to Achieve!

Frankly, we’re the best in the community at what we do! Hence, we have certain responsibilities as stakeholders. Our mission is to offer you flawless service and an errorless ending to the process.

We are famous all over the world

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