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If you’d been through the pages of history, you must have been familiar with the word ‘bartering’. It is a ‘food for food’ or ‘service for service’ way of doing trade. Neither a coin nor the glossy notes of the dollar were in sight. No folks, we aren’t talking about a worst-case scenario.

Fortunately, you don’t need to risk your life to collect Obsidian from the edge of the erupting volcano, and neither do you need to trade your watermelon for a slice of bread. Feel privileged and comfortable with the modern-day technology that you have to make payments done within a fraction of the time.
As a business proprietor, you should always be smart enough to offer the easiest and most secure payment gateway platform in your website or your in-store customer to make sure they get the smoothest and most comfortable payment experience ever.

A perfect payment gateway will help you earn more trust from your customers and eventually will lead your business to the zenith of success. So, it's always wise to give some attention to the payment system of your website or app and keep it updated to cope up with the competitive business market.

What is a Payment Gateway? 

Being the owner of your store, you should feel the urgency of offering a good user interface and easy access to your website. Similarly, the payment gateway – which actually means more than anything – should also be smart and simply accessible.
But there’s a catch here! If the payment gateway fails to earn the trust and leads the shopper into discomfort, eventually, customer engagement will drop to a significant level. 
Everyone wants a simple and time-saving payment gateway. A payment gateway that asks less is regarded as the friendliest one in the queue.

The payment gateway plays an important role in the customer buying experience. If your website or app can provide a smooth payment gateway, the chances of getting recurring purchases grow higher. This is your chance to earn the trust of your customers and make them permanent in your house.

On the other side of the coin, a bad and complex payment gateway can cause serious harm to your business. Cart abandonment, loss of customers, and bad reviews will take place frequently. An ill-functional payment gateway can eventually put an end to your business causing a lack of sales.
So, it’s really a crying need to set up an easy and secure functional payment gateway that offers various forms of options such as debit/credit cards, wallets, etc. could be the jack of all trades for your business.

Why Should You Need a Secured and Easily Accessible Payment Gateway?


Running your own business is hard. You must feel the urgency of offering a good user interface and easy access to your website. The services should be easy to avail. People should ideally be opting for said services with one click. This is possible, believe it or not. 
Similarly, the payment gateway – which actually means more than anything – should also be smart and simply accessible.

But there’s a catch here! If the payment gateway fails to earn the trust and leads the shopper into discomfort, eventually, customer engagement will drop to a significant level. 

Everyone wants a simple and time-saving payment gateway. A payment gateway that asks less is regarded as the friendliest one in the queue.
The payment gateway plays an important role in the customer buying experience. If your website or app can provide a smooth payment gateway, the chances of getting recurring purchases to grow higher. This is your chance to earn trust from your customers and make them permanent in your house.

On the other side of the coin, a bad and complex payment gateway can cause serious harm to your business. Cart abandonment, loss of customers, bad reviews will take place frequently. An ill-functional payment gateway can eventually put an end to your business causing a lack of sales.
So, it’s really a crying need to set up an easy and secured functional payment gateway that offers various forms of options such as debit/credit cards, wallet, etc. could be the jack of all trades for your business.


How does Payment Gateway Work?

The basic idea of a payment gateway is to communicate between your website or the payment processor and the provider of the issued credit card/bank account. The purpose of this communication is to verify the validation of the card or account and make a quick transfer of funds between them.
Customers tend to prefer the most common and trusted gateways. Because security is a major component of all payment gateways. Therefore, every transaction that takes place between the website and the issuing bank is strongly encrypted to secure sensitive financial information.

It might seem so fast and easy the way a transaction takes place in the payment gateway. But behind the scene, several phases are done during that short time. Once the customer starts the payment procedure and fills in his information, everything is transmitted to the issuing bank immediately.
The encrypted data then either gets an "Approved" or "Declined" message that entirely depends on the validation of the card or account. Once the response from the bank returns with a positive signal, the payment gateway transmits to the account that is associated with the website.
Once the fund is transferred to the merchant account, the payment gateway confirms the payment and places orders for the customers. The financial information of the customer card is not accessible on the website and it is not saved for further query.

Luckily, It’s the payment gateway that can read the basic information from the card and use it for a better customer experience. The payment gateways have earned enormous popularity as more than 95% of Americans happen to shop using the online payment gateway once a year.

Key Considerations Before Choosing the Best Payment Gateway

From hundreds of payment gateways offering regular services, It's a tough ask to choose which one you should go with. It becomes more difficult because the payment gateway that you’d be dependent on is totally a third-party tool.
The key here is to analyze the capabilities of your online store first. Understanding the nature of your business as well as the online store will give you an upper hand to install the best payment gateway for you.

Some gateways offer customization in appearance. This little customization will return you a huge benefit. A clean and smart-looking gateway carries the same importance as an organized website. So, make sure they don’t contradict each other.
Well, now let’s focus on the basic qualities that your payment gateway should have on its hold.
The first thing that comes to the list before considering the best payment gateway is the security it offers. Customers will never want to share their highly sensitive financial information with a pale-looking payment gateway.

So, you should always be looking for a gateway that is more reputed and ensures a secure checkout experience for your shoppers. Some gateways don't feel shy to show their security logos on the display so that the customers find it more trustworthy - try them.
You should keep in mind that the payment gateways don’t come cost-free. You’ll definitely be charged to get the service from the provider. Having said that, you should have a careful inspection regarding the costs and other terms that come with the payment gateways before setting it up.
Not just from your part, these payment gateways might also cut the pocket of your customers subtly. Be very aware of this fact. Tell you what, the chance of customers coming back to your store is ZERO if they are left with the surprising fees cut from their accounts.  

The most popular payment gateways always increase the chance of your sales rate. Make sure your website or app has a payment gateway that is acceptable in a wider range. Customers tend to expect a payment gateway that includes a large number of payment methods.
So, multiple payment methods are highly recommended for a better customer experience.

A study says... the choice of payment method and gateways varies from person to person as well as region to region. Try to use your general understanding to determine the preference of your customer and quickly adjust the payment gateway if it's needed.
Last but not the least, always look for payment gateways that offer a one-stop service. Some of the payment gateways may lead your customers to another site to make the transaction process. But to be honest, customers don’t like it at all.

So, it’s wise to fit the payment gateway that can perform the transaction process in a single window within 3 seconds. Yeah, you heard it right, the benchmark of a smart payment gateway to make a transaction is 3 seconds. Chew on that for a second!

10 Most Popular Payment Gateways Worldwide

As our businesses are getting globalized faster, the demand for good mutual gateways for making a payment is getting higher and higher gradually. From dozens of payment gateways, we’ve shortlisted the best 10 popular gateways that provide service worldwide. Let’s find out what they’ve to offer you.


PayPal is the most pronounced term when it comes to payment gateways. This e-commerce service company is highly reputed and provides services for both individual and business proprietors. This is a highly skilled platform for facilitating fund transfers between two parties for more than 20 years.
Paypal is widely popular for its easy and low-cost transaction fees. They do not disclose any information about the payer or payee’s credit card or bank account. This is a reliable way of transferring funds and you will almost find worldwide acceptance of this payment gateway.

This global payment solution company has very low transaction fees. With almost 375 million active accounts worldwide, PayPal will cost only 2.9% per transaction with no monthly fee at all. If you are a small business owner, then this should rank at the top of your priority list.
Well, let me show you some facts about PayPal.


eBay, one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, used PayPal as their prioritized payment gateway unofficially as long as they started preferring to Ayden. Besides, PayPal is available in more than 200 countries and it supports cards like Visa, Mastercard, Citibank, American Express, etc.

You should be glad to hear that just for the name ‘PayPal’, companies could increase their checkouts to 44% once the customers are taken to the payment gateway window. There are reasons behind the increasing popularity rate of this global vendor.

They’ve special features like fraud protection, live support, and extensive cart compatibility added to their payment gateway. Interestingly, they offer several payment solutions like PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and Braintree. (though they would cost extra money).

On top of that, PayPal lets you make transactions between PayPal accounts. This could save a good amount of money from your pocket.
However, with an additional $30 per month for your pro account, you can enjoy the premium checkout customization features. Besides, there are more than 100 types of currency available so that you can be paid from the most popular regions of the world.

Usually, it takes less than 15 minutes to set up the PayPal button on your site. You’d be asked for some information like a Valid E-mail Address, Customer Service Information, Business Address, Business Phone Number, Bank Name, and Business or Personal Bank Account Number to open the account. 



Stripe has been the best choice for growing businesses. It comes with an advanced customization option in its gateway layout for your sites or app. Since the arrival of this company in the USA, it’s been gradually setting up a new standard in the field of payment gateways.

Customers from Pinterest, Lyft, Slack, or OpenTable seem to be using Stripe regularly. The cloud payment gateway helps you manage online transactions from all over the world with more than 135 currencies within their radar.
The complete payment solution pack is loaded with a bunch of features. Such is the custom UI toolkit. It lets you design your own checkout flows be it on a desktop or window. Besides, simplified PCI compliance along with Invoice support gives you some advantages in handling your payments.

Stripe has remarkable security features. It provides dedicated libraries to collect payment information without sensitive data ever hitting your server. Siloed infrastructure for the storage, encryption, decryption, and transmission of card data proves their dedication toward secured transactions.
One of the greatest things behind the rapid popularization of Stripe is its foreseeing capabilities and understanding of the changing online market. Thinking outside the box, Stripe has included modern-day payment forms like Alipay, ACH, and Bitcoin.

However, Stripe comes with a stable pricing method. It doesn’t have any setup fee or monthly fee and neither does it cut your pocket with any hidden charges. It offers straight ‘pay-as-you-go’ 2.9% + 30¢ per successful payment.
The integrated plan of Stripe includes recurring subscriptions, real-time reporting, and machine learning fraud prevention to offer the best in the business. With a self-claim of a 90% presence in American payment gateways, the company is a good choice for customized payment solutions for a long.



Talking about longevity? Then the name of must be mentioned. Established in 1996, this has turned the table of the American payment solution market forever. This giant has a noteworthy 430,000 merchants who are in partnership with them.

Authorize.Net’s payment gateway accepts credit cards and electronic checks from websites or apps and deposits funds automatically into your merchant bank account. They have services that include features like virtual point-of-sale or advanced fraud detection systems to flourish your small business.
It runs a special partnership program that is designed to help you grow your business faster. Furthermore, it accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Visa Click to Pay, JCB, Apple Pay, American Express, and eCheck anywhere and anytime.

However, it comes with two attractive packages for the merchants. The ‘In one package includes features like Fraud Prevention, a Customer Information Manager, Recurring Payments, and Invoicing option alongside. 
The `All-in-One’ option has no additional setup charges. It’ll cost the common 2.9%+30¢ for each time you receive payments. However, if you haven’t opened a merchant account yet, Authorize.Net got your back.

Because their ‘All-in-One” package lets you get paid even if you don’t have an account in your name. To make it easier for you, they can set up both the merchant account and the payment gateway once you sign up with them.
On the other hand, their less popular package – ‘Payment Gateway Only’ – offers almost the same features as the earlier one except it cost per transaction 10¢, and a daily batch fee of 10¢. But in this case, you must need a merchant account. You won’t be honored by them unless you don’t have any.

To be mentioned, it costs 1.5% for cross-border transactions. Furthermore, you won’t be able to exchange currencies using this gateway. You’ll have to give a fee of $25 as Chargeback Fee when your cardholder bank counts on your card.
Although it seems the ‘Payment Gateway Only’ option is cost-efficient, tell you what, both packages charge the same monthly gateway fee of $25. But if you possess a merchant bank account beforehand, then compared to other payment gateway services only, this is a win-win situation.



Braintree is a globally acknowledged payment gateway solution that is functioned and backed up by its trusted partner PayPal. Actually, its advanced and easier payment procedure makes it different from the original PayPal gateway.

Whereas other payment gateways take more than 4 days to perform the payout, Braintree remarkably does it within 2 days. However, with a highly integrated customer service, it lets users access more than 40 countries with an amusing availability of 140 currencies worldwide.  
Some of the leading brands around the world like Uber, Stubhub, Dropbox, Github use this payment gateway as a trusted partner. Besides, this is the only platform to deliver PayPal, Venmo (in the US), credit and debit cards, and popular digital wallets like Apple Pay in a single, seamless integration.

For a small business owner, Braintree is a good choice because it’s loaded with sophisticated anti-fraud systems as well as a smooth payment gateway service. It mitigates the number of fraudulence and lets you increase your sales to a higher scale without any fear.
Braintree has divided its solution modules into four categories according to the need of the merchants. The second and core module is dedicated to businesses looking to process payments more efficiently and to expand cart management.

This gateway is reputed for making a hassle-free checkout for customers within a few seconds. Cart abundance is very rare when Braintree is in operation. On top of that, they have a vault system where they keep all the sensitive data of the customer under a highly secured protocol.
Customers find it secured as well as comfortable because the autofill option for this payment gateway reduces the time to make a purchase for them. This little comfort zone puts a huge impact on customers psychology which in return blesses merchants with repetitive orders. 



WePay is an online payment solution provided by the well-known American Chase Merchant Service. It is modified to make faster, smoother, and more secure merchant payments. This highly integrated payment gateway's flexible customization seems to be its stand-out feature.

Be it online or brick-and-mortar transactions, all payments can be controlled completely as the way you want the processes to go. WePay’s API-based technology lets business owners have the liberty to make things adjusted according to the tone and theme of their business.
For example, you can customize the signup, checkout as well as email communication for this famous gateway. Besides, the omnichannel feature also makes it different from other payment gateways around.

You may ask what the word omnichannel refers to. Well, let me break it down for you.
Courtesy of the omnichannel gateways, you can offer your customer a seamless operation whether he is shopping from his laptop or mobile device or be it a phone call or from the brick-and-mortar store. This feature certainly ensures WePay users a seamless shopping experience for their buyers.

Sometimes third-party redirects can cause a drastic drop in payment checkouts. Because customers never want to wait in the long loops of that time. WePay leaves a hallmark of professionalism in its gateway ensuring that no onboard customer experiences turbulence while making payments.

You shouldn't mix WePay with any other typical payment gateways. They really have a bunch of effective features. Also, behind the scene, their technical team is working restlessly to adjust the features and make them more compatible with the local as well as international marketplace.
This ‘free to set up payment gateway is tailored to adjust the unorthodox demands too. Having said that, now you can encounter multiple payers' demands for a single transaction or run crowdfunding campaigns.
Setting up the WePay is too easy and all you need to accept payment straightway is to provide an email address to sign-up and Voila! You are ready to go. Of course, you need to fill up more information and provide a primary merchant account to finalize things, but you can schedule it for later


Amazon Payments

Let’s move into something trendier and more dynamic in action. If I need to tell you about the popularity of the e-commerce giant Amazon, then I’d rather not talk to you at all. Everyone knows that Amazon has a huge share and muscle in the e-commerce industry.

To maximize the most of their popularity, Amazon introduced its payment gateways so that customers can enjoy the actual one-stop service from a single company without roaming around. If your business is product-based that’s similar to Amazon itself, then this is your moment mate.
Now, with more than 310 million active customer accounts tagged to their name, Amazon lets you grab an opportunity to use their payment gateway into your business to let that existing 310 million customers pay a visit to your website. (I bet that would be extremely overwhelming for you!)

Jokes apart, this is really beneficial for you in the sense that those customers' Amazon login information is automatically synced into the Amazon payment gateway. That means the most important and time-consuming thing is done automatically for the customers.
And tell you what, this is the time when customers enjoy their purchases when they find they don’t need to move their fingers across the screen and fill up their account number or financial information.

However, there is something else that you should note about this global payment gateway. Their collaboration with your website is API-based. In other words, you can customize or design the payment procedure in your own way.
As you know it’s very important to maintain a ‘one-stop’ payment procedure. Because when your customers see that the payment gateway is taking them to somewhere unknown, their stomach starts to make noise. (Literally, it does)

Neither you nor I would like to continue the payment process if we discover ourselves offshore with our sensitive financial information in hand. So, to make things easy, Amazing payment is here to make everything done within a single window for a minimalistic effort.
However, the pricing of this renowned payment gateway is really so simple. They wouldn’t cost any additional monthly fees whatsoever. All the fees that come with Amazon payments are transaction-based – only 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction domestically whereas international fees intensify to 3.9%.



Did I mention Adyen at the beginning of the article, remember? Well, here it is. The long partnership of PayPal and eBay came to an end in 2020 when Adyen took the place as eBay emphasized payment gateway.

Similar to the multi-functional feature of Braintree, Adyen is also good at providing services like risk management, front-end processing services as well as a secured payment gateway. But what is the specialty of this platform? What are the reasons behind its rapid growth since last year? Let’s find out.
Well, the main reason behind their flourishing is to provide service globally and offer prices according to the region. If you make a visit to their website, you’ll find a big pricing list there. They have mentioned almost everything that you need to know as far as pricing is concerned.

The fact is, it might also make you feel confused about the understanding of the general cost of the service. Because, unlike other popular payment gateways, it doesn’t offer any fixed costing method. It varies from country to country and the cards or company that your customers use.
But don’t panic. Their fees are really low and comparatively, suit businesses are they small or big. Tell you what, having a fleet of 250 local payment methods on board from over 200 countries is a huge advantage for any multinational eCommerce company.

Now let’s talk about their POS or Point of Sale. As you know that connecting and handling all the points of sale is a key to success in business. Especially, if your company is extended to a large scale, then connecting all the points of sale is a definite need.
Adyen lets you connect all point-of-sale devices and data to a single platform. Now you can make POS payments set up easily with the all-in-one payments platform that helps integrate once and for all, wherever you are in the world.

I should mention that Adyen is equipped with the latest pre-certified POS terminals. Every terminal meets PCI compliance and is either encrypted with E2EE or P2PE. On the other hand, it really reduces checkout delays and helps you cut some costs as it provides fully unattended service.
As a business owner, you must ensure flexibility for your customer. That’s what Adyen is good at. The Adyen payment gateway system can recognize customers at checkout. You can offer personalized customer experiences and make loyalty programs easier for everyone.
However, Adyen’s super-fast performance with strong platform stability ensures your customers experience the same smooth service every time. You can trust Adyen if you need to enable all local payment methods into your gateway as well as solid security systems on the line.  


Simplify Commerce

Just as the name of the company goes, Simplify Commerce really kept everything simple for both ends of the users. Whether you are a merchant or a customer, you will find it really simple and easy to operate Simplify Commerce’s payment gateway.

You’d be glad to know that the Simply Commerce payment gateway is powered by Mastercard. This means it is a Mastercard company, the famous credit card provider worldwide. So, when a company like that introduces a gateway, there is always something to look for.
First of all, the 2.75% transaction fee will surely put a smile on your face as this is significantly lesser than any other payment gateways on offer. Besides, Simplify Commerce doesn’t charge anything extra for their cross-border transactions. 

Also, you’d be glad to hear that there is also no setup fee, no monthly charge, and also no chargeback fee is applicable for Simplify Commerce payment gateway. As a startup small business owner, this will save a few bucks for you at the end of every month. 
However, this doesn’t mean that Simply Commerce is offering a wobbly service for you. Never think that. Because their encrypted security system is really very secure as far as their reputation is concerned.

In recent years, a cyberattack in the e-commerce sector is finding it very challenging. Hackers are always waiting for the narrowest passage to enter into the sensitive financial data of customers as well as merchants to cause huge blows altogether. 
So, what’s the remedy? or I should say the ‘prevention’ measure that could make both the merchant and customer feel secure? Or how can a customer be convinced that their data is safe in the hand of a third-party gateway?

Well, here’s the answer. 
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS certification of Simplify ensures that the credit card information collected from customers' accounts is transmitted and stored in a secure manner. So, this is a 100% risk-free payment gateway solution for businesses in the USA and abroad.
In addition to that, this is packed with a bunch of features like an advanced API system to let you customize your payment gateway as you want. Sometimes, designing your payment gateway according to the taste of your most visited customer can boost your sale rate.

Setting up this payment gateway is almost as easy as installing a plugin on your website. All you need to do is sign up from the website using your email and add your merchant account. You’ll be asked to provide some other documentation such as your business name, origin, and type.
However, if you really want a payment gateway to offer your customer a flexible, fast, and secure payment getaway experience that is accepted almost everywhere in the world, then you might consider Simplify Commerce for sure. It’ll surely make your customer happy.



2checkout is a modern payment gateway solution that provides merchants the ability to accept payments from anywhere around the globe. There are few unique things about the 2checkout. They offer the customer with 7 different languages to make payment in their own tongue.

Besides, they can pay through their own currencies in different payment methods that they prefer. One thing must be mentioned that they mean business. They know the basic thing is to make the shoppers satisfied at any rate. Their strategy defines true ‘globalization’.
So, no matter if you are looking to receive your subscription fee or trying to sell any product, 2checkout turns out to be a good option. They provide service in 37 countries within North and Central America and 71 in Africa and the Middle east. Besides, they also have their presence in other parts of the world.
Their intelligent payment routing and several payment processors let your transactions acquire the top-most payment authorization rates – no matter even if the transaction takes place beyond the border.

Intelligent Payment Routing and support for multiple payment processors mean that your transactions achieve the highest possible payment authorization rates. Their multi-currency payment system encourages global customers to return to the site and make more purchases.
Besides, study shows that global customers are forced to abandon a purchase due to unauthorized currency issues. But this time it is no more. Because 2checkout’s multicurrency management increases the authorization rate by 25% and also decreases card abandonment significantly.

However, 2CheckOut processes numerous debit and credit cards to assist you to expand the payment methods so that you can support and attract more customers onboard. The likes of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and JCB too can be processed through this gateway.
It also processes payments to over 200 online marketplaces. Moreover, it participates with online shopping carts and invoicing systems to adjust your payment processing.

Well, now let me tell you the best part about this global vendor.
You won’t find any other payment in the market to offer you a subscription plan. That’s where this platform sets itself apart from its contestants by giving options to create subscription plans. What’s more, it allows users to set up recurring billing and provides different checkout options.

Okay, you may ask about the security classification of this payment gateway. Well, they have a level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. On top of that all, advanced anti-fraud technology will surely make you rely on them without any headache.
But it might not find you well to hear that they cost 3.5% + $0.35 per successful transaction that takes place in the gateway. However, they don’t have any additional cost, and all you need to sign up for free and start accepting payment using this gateway.



To be honest, you can determine the standard of a payment gateway by the way it operates worldwide. The more countries it covers, the more the market gets under its hold. Since the eCommerce giants are expanding their territory all around the globe, it's high time to get a universal gateway onboard.

WorldPay is one of the best universal payment gateways that the UK has ever produced. It is a simplified payment gateway that accepts traditional as well as alternative payment methods from anywhere in the world at any time. Besides, it has an improved customer experience in making checkouts.
You’ll find that most of the payment gateways charge both per-transaction bases as well as with a fixed monthly fee. But, not in this case. WorldPay makes itself unique by offering its customers to choose the option between the two. You can either choose pay as you go or a monthly payment option.

It totally depends on the way your business runs. You have the option to choose between them and start growing revenue as per your need. It charges 2.75%+ $0.30 for each successful transaction in case you go for the pay-as-you-go option and only $ 23.02 for the standard monthly pack.
Though there is another monthly pack option available for you. In that case, the advanced monthly pack will cost about $54.53 accordingly. The brighter side is, they don’t have any hidden or set-up charge to sign up for the gateway account.

Also, for the advanced gateway clients, a free internet merchant account will be given as a gift. Actually, WorldPay seems to be very humble with their customer. They have the promise to prevent any chargeback from the card. However, if any chargeback takes place, you’ll have to pay $18.
Sometimes you might need to make refunds. WorldPay promises not to charge any refund but you have to pay the fees of the original payment that took place. Apart from that, there are no other charges that you have to face using this popular gateway.

To top all that, the front-line payment gateway lets you accept payment in more than 120 foreign currencies all over the world, and what’s more – without any additional cost.
Well, the fast-payout method of this company is also a center of attention. They will transfer funds to your bank account twice a day whereas most other companies take 7-8 days for each fund transfer.
In addition to these attractive and standard service offerings, WorldPay comes with features like free recurring billings where you can use customers' card information to offer them a subscription or make their next checkout even faster and a better user experience altogether.

How Business Globalizer can help You with Payment Gateway Solutions?

Well, sometimes the role of a specialist can be different from someone random. Business Globalizer is such a service provider that has been making things easier for businessmen around the world to make connections between companies and pile up their revenue over the year.
Our little initiative is mainly a third-party company that provides solutions to the business to get a payment gateway. They actually work on behalf of a business owner to get his papers and formalities done for the sign-up.

But is it really necessary to involve another company in your business?
Fine, if you closely examine, you’ll find that some of the payment gateways don’t have access to some regions of the world. And even if they do, it's hard to get your account verified from the vendor very fast and, of course, that's gonna take the hell out of you.
This is where you can find some resilience from Business Globalizer to get the job done for you in exchange for some fees. We’ll advocate on behalf of you the payment gateway authority so that you get the account accurately within the least possible time.
Imagine, you want to open a PayPal account from Ghana, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Egypt, Haiti, Nepal, Pakistan, or somewhere else where PayPal is not allowed by central finance authorities.

So, what will you do now? Will you shut down your eCommerce company or would you try to solve the problem through an alternative source? Of course, you’d go for the alternative to run your business.
In this case, you might try some unauthorized bypass option to create the payment gateway for you. But that’ll leave you and your company in 100% risky territory because those methods are dangerously unauthentic.
So, to make things authentic and get a Payment Gateway for your business from an unlisted region – contact Business Globalizer and get it in a secured way and release unnecessary pressure from the head.

On top of that, if you aren’t sure about which payment gateway is suitable for you and are yet to make a decision, then you may ask for a consultancy from them. They provide professional consultancy by analyzing the nature of your business and your demand before suggesting the best option.
Besides, Business Globalizer provides additional documentation which is needed to open a Payment Gateway. Also, internal assessments as well as determining the payment gateways' positive or negative influence on your business might come in handy with our help.

FAQ on Most Popular Payment Gateways

What’s the best payment gateway?

Well, payment gateways come with different techniques and offer to attract merchants towards them. Some of them are good at cross-border transactions, and some at excellent API service. But with everything all together you can consider Stripe, Braintree, and WorldPay as the best payment gateways.

What are the different types of payment gateways?

There are three basic types of payment gateways. That’s according to their functionality.
The first one is the Redirect payment gateways. Basically, this is the payment gateway that leads a customer to another page to complete the final transaction. However, it offers less control to the merchants and also customers tend to avoid these kinds of payment gateways.
‘Checkout on site, payment off-site’ is the second type of payment gateway. It is simply as it says. Once your customer is done with the checkout, they will be taken to another site to finalize the payment. It can also be considered as a Redirect payment gateway but it has more merchant interference.
The last one is the pick of the customers as it offers a single-window payment completion. Besides, the On-site Payment gateways let you monitor your customer's data because the whole process is done through your own site.
Apart from that, these systems can also be categorized as ‘In-store Payment Gateway’ and ‘Online Payment Gateway’.

Is Google Pay a payment gateway?

Though Google Pay is frequently considered as a Payment Gateway, it’s not. Technically speaking – it isn’t. Rather, this is a software system for mobile devices that store the card information of the customer so that they can use the application to fill up their information during the purchase in one click.

Is MasterCard a payment gateway?

MasterCard has both the payment gateway system and debit/credit cards in its stock. Their Payment Gateway Services provides partners with a white-label technology solution for payment processing and fraud prevention. They have a wide range of digital payment methods.

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