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USA Company Dissolution – Closing a USA Company

Need to close your LLC or corporation? We’re here to help. Our experts can take care of the dissolution process from start to finish.

  • Manage your corporate dissolution with the secretary of state.
  • Prepare and file your articles or certificate of dissolution.

Dissolve your LLC or corporation

If your business will no longer be operating in its home state, or the state in which you formed the entity, dissolving the entity officially terminates your company’s affairs in a state.

Generally, dissolving a business entity requires obtaining tax clearance from the Department of Revenue and filing Articles of Dissolution with the Department of State.

Harbor Compliance makes dissolving your business painless. We will prepare the necessary forms and can obtain tax clearance for your business, as you end business operations.

How To Close a Business With Us

There are three key steps to dissolving a company. Business Globalizer completes these steps in a timely manner on your behalf, making an otherwise cumbersome process simple and stress-free.


With a few clicks we can make sure your documents are prepared and filed correctly.


With our transparent fees, you make one payment and know that the document is right and the right payments are delivered to the right place at the right time.


Closing a business can be stressful. You don’t need to add to the stress by wondering whether your company has filed the right paperwork with the state. Let us take care of it for you.

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Steps to Dissolving Your LLC or Corporation

There are three key steps to dissolving a company. Incfile completes these steps in a timely manner on your behalf, making an otherwise cumbersome process simple and stress-free.

Hold a meeting with the Board of Directors

In this case, you want the minutes of your meeting to reflect that a vote was taken and appropriate majority (as outlined in your incorporation papers) was achieved. Those companies with shareholders will want a written documentation of this decision signed by all company owners. Some companies, such as single-member LLCs will not need to complete this step.

File the Articles of Dissolution

The paperwork must be completed and signed by the Registered Agent of your company. You will be issued a Certificate of Dissolution that formalizes the termination of business activity in your state. Once dissolution is properly documented, all branches in other states will automatically be dissolved as well. The dissolution of a company must take place in the state where incorporation took place.

Notify the IRS

This step is important because it will provide you with a "consent to dissolution" or "tax clearance" that makes the process a smooth one. It will be necessary to pay all federal and state taxes due at this time to receive this consent. This document(s) will be required by the secretary of state to achieve a formal dissolution. While we'll help you file your Articles of Dissolution, you will be responsible for contacting the IRS to receive any tax clearances, etc.

How our business dissolution filing service works

You provide some simple information, and we do the rest. BizFilings will:

  • Prepare and quality check your filing to ensure it meets all state requirements – if it doesn’t, we will contact you immediately*
  • Process your payment
  • Request your signature on the pre-prepared dissolution documents
  • Submit your signed documents to the state – we also offer expediting service if you need it faster
  • Deliver a digital copy of the state-approved dissolution documents within your BizComply Status Center
  • Ship your official dissolution documents through FedEx with your tracking number posted within your BizComply Status Center

*Note: Certain states may require tax clearance (proof that taxes have been paid) which may lengthen the processing of your dissolution. We will let you know if your state requires it.

Why are the benefits of filing a Dissolution With Us?

There are three key steps to dissolving a company. Incfile completes these steps in a timely manner on your behalf, making an otherwise cumbersome process simple and stress-free.

Save Money

Avoid paying unnecessary taxes, annual fees, and penalties by formally dissolving your business with the Secretary of State

End your liability

Even if you've stopped business operations, the state will still consider your business to be liable for certain aspects of the business until you file your dissolution.


We've been helping small business owners create and file their Dissolution paperwork for more than 20 years.

We make it easy

Our filing experts saving you time and added stress during a difficult time by walking you through the entire process

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Company Dissolution

A corporation or LLC can be terminated for numerous reasons. It may no longer be profitable, you may have moved on to a new venture, or you may be divesting of its assets.

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Frequently Asked Question

Dissolution is the process of formally winding down or terminating your business. In addition to a final accounting of the assets and liabilities, you will have to file the necessary paperwork with your state. A proper dissolution should also be documented with the proper corporate resolutions.​

When closing an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit, you’ll need to follow these steps: Make sure all owners are on the same page and agree to close, creating a written agreement stating so. File dissolution documents (this is where we can begin to help). Cancel all permits, licenses, and registrations. Comply with all employment and labor laws in regards to employee payments after closing your business. Resolve any financial obligations. Maintain tax and employment records in case you need to reference them in the future. Find more details regarding the dissolution requirements by state here.

You will need to file the necessary paperwork in the state where you incorporated and any states where you foreign qualified to do business. Many states call it a Certificate of Dissolution or Articles of Dissolution. Some states will not allow this until there is confirmation that all due tax payments have been paid.

Just because you decided to shut down does not end the business’s filing and tax obligations. You will need to formalize the closing with the IRS and the state entities. To make sure you are no longer on the hook for paying annual fees, filing annual reports, and paying business taxes, you have to file your official documents with the state. Failing to do so allows for fees and fines to mount for which you can be personally liable.

Withdrawal is a term that generally means you withdraw from doing business in a particular state, but not wrapping up business overall. If you foreign qualified to do business in another state, but no longer do so, you would file a withdrawal to terminate your reporting requirements in that state without terminating your entire business.