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Get an EIN for Your LLC or Corporation

Secure your 9-digit employer identification number (EIN), known as a Tax ID Number, from the IRS, so you can open a bank account, hire employees, and protect your personal assets.

Why do I need an Employer ID Number (EIN)?

While you will get many benefits from applying for an EIN, in some cases, you will be required to have one if you answer yes to any of the following questions -

  • Is your business incorporated as an LLC, partnership or c corp?
  • Do you want to open a bank account?
  • Do you want a hassle-free tax process?
  • Have you hired, or plan to hire, employees?
  • Do you plan on changing your organization type?
  • Do you want to preserve your limited liability?
  • Do you want to reduce the potential for identity theft?
  • Do you plan on changing your organization type?

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Benefits of getting an EIN

Open a bank account

Most banks will require you to get an EIN before opening a bank account for your business.

Hire New Employees

The IRS requires businesses to obtain an Employer Identification Number before hiring employees.

Separate Your Finances

The EIN allows the IRS, banks, credit card companies, and other organizations to track your finances separately.

Adds protection to your business

Employee ID Number, also known as social security number. An EIN can help you to ensure the protection of your business.

Preserves your limited liability

An EIN can confirm that you are a business separate from another, thus keeping your company from being held responsible for issues.

Reduces the potential for identity theft

Having an EIN protects you from revealing your Social Security number to your suppliers or lenders, which reduces your risk of identity theft.

How it Works

The IRS provides you with an EIN, which saves you from needing to give your social security numbers to vendors or lenders, thereby significantly reducing your identity theft risk.

When you place an order for an EIN registration, our EIN experts check all your documents thoroughly. Then we forward the application to the IRS once our team completes all the necessary procedures.

You’ll get the EIN when the IRS procedures are completed.

Filling out the details

First of all, fill out all your business details so that we can prepare the application.

Submitting Application

After checking all the documents we’ll prepare and submit the application.

We’ll hand over the EIN Once Issued

You’ll get notified when the whole procedure is completed.

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Employment Identification Number (EIN)

If you have a business or intend to start a business in the USA or abroad, an Employer Identification Number (EIN) can help you in many ways.

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Frequently Asked Question

Employer Identification Number also called the EINs, is a unique identification number for businesses. Like the unique social security number issued to every US citizen, an EIN never expires or gets reissued to another company. EIN is a business identification number containing nine digits used for tax purposes. And the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues them. Your EIN may also be identified as Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN. Companies need EIN to obtain business permits and licenses, apply for loans and credit cards or set up bank accounts. EIN helps to identify your business as a separate entity from yourself.

IRS uses EIN to identify your business for keeping a tab and tax purposes. It gives your business a unique identity to remove redundancy and easily differentiate enterprises. Any company with the following scenarios must have an EIN:
1. If it has employees.
2. If a business classifies as a C-Corp, LLC, or partnership.
3. If it has a Keogh plan, which is a tax-deferred pension plan for small businesses and the self-employed.
4. If a company applies for excise or employment taxes.
5. If the firm handles estates, trusts, real estate investments, employee plans, non-profit organizations, or farmers’ cooperatives.
6. If business files for alcohol, tobacco, or firearm tax returns.
One might also need an EIN to open a bank checking account or apply for a business loan.

If you’re planning to start a business as a sole proprietor, you don’t require an EIN under the following cases:
1. If you don’t want to engage in a Keogh plan for yourself and your business.
2. If your business is not applicable for federal excise tax collection.
3. If you don’t have an intention to hire employees.
If your business falls under the criteria above, you can use your social security number for business. However, if you’re planning to hire employees in the coming 12 months, you will need an EIN for your tax filing. Further, if you’re considering opening bank or lending accounts for your company, it’s better to have an EIN to ease the process.

It depends on how you operate your company as an LLC. If you are a sole proprietor and working without employees, there usually isn't any need to get an EIN. Still, there may be other reasons why you should - such as getting government or business benefits that certain companies can access.

Although it entirely depends on you when you decide to apply for your employer identification number, the sooner – the better. Also, no time of the year is best to file an EIN application. However, remember the time it will take to process and get your EIN. Before applying for an EIN, you can wait till you register your business for an LLC, corporation, or business partnership. Further, you don’t need to wait until your company gets incorporated to apply for EIN online or in person. You can either integrate your business and then file for EIN or get the EIN before incorporating the company. Either way is acceptable.