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Doing a currency trading business like Forex is undoubtedly a profitable business nowadays. Even you can start a Forex business with a computer only. However, if you are a broker and want to provide services, you need more options to make your services versatile and transparent to the customers.

Want to start Forex/Financial trading? Before starting you have to earn reliability. Due to the versatility, you have to ensure fast and reliable service to the customers. Without this, people may have doubts, and finally, you may lose potential customers. Therefore, legal documentation is also essential besides starting the business.

Business Globalizer is offering multiple solutions within a single platform that are accessible and straightforward for anyone who does Forex/Financial trading.


What Business Globalizer Offers for Forex/Financial

Form Legal Entity of Your Business

We are helping people and entrepreneurs to establish their company or to expand their business anywhere in the world. It will allow you to register LLC or to get certification and license for your company.

In the beginning, you must have to obtain an LLC in the state or place you want to. However, it may seem complicated to you if you do not have any prior experiences. In this case, we can help you.

  • USA Company Registration. Register your company in the USA
  • UK Company Registration. To obtain a company in the United Kingdom
  • Europe Company Registration. Own a business across the EU region
  • Offshore Company Registration. Choose any other country to run your company

Choose a country or region to register your company at your convenience.

However, if you want to run the business into a specific location, our address service will allow you to get a business address anywhere you want. It will give your company a more professional look as well as increase the credibility of the business to customers.

  • USA Address Service
  • UK Address Service
  • Europe Address Service

Apart from that, add a business phone number to take inbound and outbound calls from customers in a secure and private path. It will protect your business privacy and help you to track your company information.

  • Business Phone Number

Get an EIN

An EIN is necessary to run the business, hire employees, and to complete the tax filing process. It also allows you to keep records of your company accounting like your VAT,Company Sal, profits etc. by IRS. It also denotes the competency of a company or business.

Our offerings for you are:

  • VAT
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • TIN ( Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

File Your Business Tax

Whenever you are doing business, i.e., you are selling products or services. According to the law, you must have to pay tax to the government, such as income tax, sales tax, etc.

However, the tax filing and submission process may be a complicated task to do, which needs an expert tax attorney. Business Globalizer offers a complete taxation process for your company to ease your whole taxation process.

  • Business Tax Filing
  • Business Tax Submission

Open a Business Bank Account

It is prudent to do all your company transactions from a reliable and trusted business bank account. It will help you to separate your company assets from personal assets. Moreover, you will also get a credit card to perform a faster and hassle-free transaction.

Business Globalizer can help you to open a business bank account in a reputed bank from the following areas of the world for your Forex/Financial trading.

  • USA Bank Account
  • UK Bank Account
  • Europe Bank Account
  • Offshore Bank Account

Moreover, we provide different payment gateway services, which might increase the flexibility of online transactions for your business. As Forex/Financial trading possesses many risks, a proper way of payment is crucial.

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • World Pay
  • High-Risk Merchant

Trademark Registration

Business Globalizer trademark registration service will protect your company from identity theft. With a copyright certification, you can take necessary actions against the fraud or persons. We have the following options for you.

  • USA Trademark Registration
  • UK Trademark Registration
  • Global Trademark Registration
  • Domain Registration

You can choose any of these services according to your needs to protect your company. All the elements are essential to operate a business smoothly, and we are always there to assist you.

Why Choose Business Globalizer

Business Globalizer aims to help you in all aspects of your business to ease all the process.

  • All solutions in a single platform
  • Affordable Pricing Plan
  • Fast and Reliable Service
  • 24/7 Service

Let us know your query, and we are always ready to help you out there.

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Business Globalizer is providing multiple services in a single platform. All the services are accessible and straightforward for any business or Company.


We are determined to provide reliable services to the customers. All the services are designed with the help of experienced and expert advisors.


We aim to help your business to make it global. Our services help people to reach your business to a new level better than ever you have experienced.

Quality Assurance

In every service quality matters. Business Globalizer emphasizes more on the quality rather than the quantity to meet the maximum customer satisfaction.

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    Business Globalizer is a service provider to multiple business solutions like Company formation, Registration, Payment Gateway, Business Tax Filing, and Submission and so on. All our services are organized in a way that, anyone from anywhere in the world has access to our services according to their business needs.
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    BusinessglobalizerWho We Are
    Business Globalizer is a service provider to multiple business solutions like Company formation, Registration, Payment Gateway, Business Tax Filing, and Submission and so on. All our services are organized in a way that, anyone from anywhere in the world has access to our services according to their business needs.
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