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The United States of America has the world's biggest marketplace, with a GDP of $20 trillion. Accessing the US marketplace has become popular among many business owners across the globe. A US company is the most effective way to take advantage of this leading marketplace.
It’s significant to do a USA Company registration (Package) for your business in the USA. This country welcomes thousands of non-residents to establish a new business every year. Non-resident business investors choose the USA because of:

Business-friendly environment
Nexus of innovation
Workforce talent
Lowest tax rate
Easy access to capital
Nation’s diversity, and many more.
Start a New Business in the US
Before starting a business in the USA you need a USA Company registration (Package) solution. As a non-resident, you can merely set-up a company only when you have the help of a skilled team. Business Globalizer is a team that can help you with your business formation. With years of experience in business formation, Business Globalizer can successfully help you start a new business in the US.

Incorporation is a safe option to start a new business in the US. The US company incorporation provides the limited liability of the individuals in the company.

Also, it offers an excellent tax benefit for the trading company. In short, it ensures the asset protection and stability you want. Among all corporate entities, Limited Liability Company (LLC) is most famous for non-residents.

Basic Rules and Features to Set Up a Company in the US
To start a new business as a non-resident, you’ll have to choose the types of business entities that are formed under state law. Each state has its own laws and rules. Also, individual states have their own register of names.

Here are a few general rules for most states:

A minimum of one director is required.
The director can be non-resident.
Directors are not mandatory to be listed in the article of incorporation.
The least share capital is $1.
If the shares increases, it may cause an increase in the initial filing fee.
The company designation must hold corporation, incorporation, or abbreviation.
The company name should be unique.
The company should have an EIN to pay local taxes.
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