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Individual Tax Identity Number is abbreviated as ITIN. ITIN is a nine-digit number that is used to file tax returns for resident or non-resident aliens who have no Social Security Number (SSN) in the US.


How to Get An ITIN Number?

Getting an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Number is not so difficult. You just need to submit some necessary documents at the time of application. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides ITIN.

The following things are required to get an ITIN.

  • Complete W-7 Form (IRS Provide It)
  • A copy of US Tax Return File
  • A Valid Passport or Any Two of the Following Documents
    • National Identity Card
    • US Driving Licence
    • Foreign Driving Licence
    • Birth Certificate (For a Minor Under 18 or Dependent)
    • US State ID
    • US Citizenship and Immigration Photo ID
    • US Military ID Card
    • Foreign Military ID Card
    • Visa Issued by Department of State

Business Globalizer can help a person who needs an ITIN. A person might need to renew the ITIN under the following circumstances:

  • Have Registered Before 2013
  • The Validity is Expired

What We Do?

BusinessGlobalizer has a bunch of Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) who are dedicated to serve people regarding the ITIN. We provide services as follows

  • Free Consultancy Services to Get ITIN
  • Verify All the Documents Needed
  • Communicating With IRS
  • W-7 Form Fill-up
  • Tax Return File Preparation
  • Renewal of ITIN