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We help non-residents obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)

Don’t have a social security number? We can help you get an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) that allows you to open a bank account, file your taxes, and claim benefits.

ITIN Made Easy

Most non-U.S. residents find it difficult to get ITINs. In the first place, they lack the knowledge to fill out the forms required by the IRS, or the price tag of some certified agents often discourages them.

On top of that, you’re going to feel overwhelmed and frustrated doing all those boring paperwork, and a little mistake can get you stuck in the middle of the process.

We don’t want this nightmare to happen to you. We can help you get the ITIN to comply with IRS tax filing requirements online from anywhere in the world.

Key Reasons to Get ITIN

Non Resident

ITIN holders are those who don’t qualify for residency in the US and are thus unable to obtain a Social Security Number.

Pay income taxes

ITIN will save you a marathon of hassle and allow you to pay your taxes smoothly.

Get ready to start your dream business!

Make it your mission. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have already started theirs, and you can too!

Benefits of getting ITIN


You’ll be able to pay your taxes with ITIN and be eligible for rebates if you qualify.

Business Bank Account

Most banks require an ITIN in order to open a business bank account in the US.


You must have a tax identification number (ITIN) to get a bank loan and credit card.


ITINs accepted in some states as ID for travel, Driving License, and TSA at airport.


Being an accountable person means that you're aware that you need to pay taxes and that can help you obtain citizenship down the road.


Regardless of your nationality or residency status, one may still claim a child tax credit with the assistance of an ITIN number.

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ITIN - Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

Individual Tax Identity Number is abbreviated as ITIN. ITIN is a nine-digit number that is used to file tax returns for resident or non-resident aliens who have no Social Security Number (SSN) in the US.

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Frequently Asked Question

Issued by the Internal Revenue Service, an ITIN (Individual Tax Payer Identification Number) is a nine-digit number that helps individuals pay taxes. It is given to those who do not own or are ineligible to acquire an SSN or Social Security Number. ITIN is issued despite your immigration status, as resident and non-resident citizens must file tax returns in the States. A person can apply for ITIN anytime in the year when they are ready to file for tax return since you are asked to attach the return with your application. However, if the tax return you attach with the ITIN application is filed after the due date, you have to pay interest or penalties.

When do you require an ITIN number:
1. You do not have and are not eligible for a Social Security Number
2. For filing a tax return
3. Non-residents are required to file for US tax return
4. US resident filing a US tax return
5. Spouse or dependent of a citizen of the USA
6. Spouse or dependent of a non-resident visa holder
7. Non-resident claiming the benefit of tax treaty
8. Professor, searcher, or non-resident student who needs to file a tax return or claim an exception
If the following applies to you, then you must apply for an ITIN number. We can help to obtain the number, file taxes, and reap benefits.

You will require the following documents to initiate the ITIN application process:
1. Submit IRS Form W-7 – accurately filling essential details
2. Income tax return from US authorities
3. Your Passport or two of the listed documents prove your identity and foreign status.
4. The US or foreign driver's license
5. National Identification document
6. Visa issued by US authorities
7.Foreign or US military ID card
8. Foreign voter's registration card
9.US State ID

After seven weeks of submitting the documents, the IRS will send you a letter stating your tax identification number if you qualify and your application is correct and complete. 1. There are three ways through which you can apply for an ITIN:
2. You can request ITIN in person. Carry out all valid documents to any of the US IRS taxpayer assistance centers.
3. You can apply via mail by sending Form W-7, tax return, and other identification documents to Internal Revenue Service office.
4. You can apply through an agent or service provider. It is a good choice considering they will review your documents and ensure everything is correct before forwarding them to IRS for processing.
We give our clients a seven-week timeline to complete the entire process.

No, an ITIN number does not provide work authorization or legal status in the United States.
1. It does not ensure your legal immigration status and cannot be used to show yourself as a legal citizen of the US. 2. It does not allow you to work in the country, which means you have no legal right to be employed even with ITIN.
To work in the United States, you need to obtain a Social Security Number – without it, you cannot be a W-2 employee. Employers who accept ITIN instead of SSN by chance or any other reason face penalties from the IRS. a

Most people believe that you can only acquire ITIN for paying taxes and claiming benefits. Though that is not true, ITIN has certain other uses:
1. For proof of residency : When an immigrant needs to show how long they lived in the US, the ITIN is one way to offer valid proof.
2. For acquiring driver lessons: Some US states allow residents to use ITIN instead of SSN to acquire a driver's license or permit.
3. For an interest-bearing bank account: Individuals with an ITIN can open accounts with banks and earn interest on their deposits.
4. For a Mortgage: With an ITIN number, some lenders will be willing to provide you with the loan you need for a mortgage.