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Get sales tax exemptions on Amazon in a 100% legal way. Get exemptions against your registered company in the U.S. on the most economical charges. Boost your profitability and increase your competitiveness by getting sales tax exempt on the Amazon marketplace. As resellers, drop shippers need to avoid paying hefty sales tax amounts.

What is a Resale Certificate?

A resale certificate is a document proving that you are a legitimate retailer or purchaser and are buying products to either resell or use as component parts of products you plan to resell.

To use a resale certificate, you generally need to be registered to collect sales tax in at least one US state. Resale certificates are also sometimes called “reseller’s permits” or sometimes just the blanket term “exemption certificates.” Your resale certificate is generally the same thing as your sales tax permit (sometimes called sales tax license.)

However, in some cases, a state may issue a reseller a separate “resale certificate” number. Though it has the word “certificate” in the name, a resale certificate these days isn’t always a specific piece of paper.

While some states do issue retailers a specific resale certificate to present to their vendors, most just require that you fill out certain information.

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Dropshippers to boost Profit.

If you’re dropshipping from Amazon to Walmart, you have to pay sales tax to fulfil your orders, your margins are tight and eaten by sales taxes, your prices are not competitive as other tax-exempted sellers, and your listings have fewer chances to get sold. This is why I am offering this service to help dropshippers get tax exempted on Amazon, so they don’t have to pay sales taxes while fulfilling their orders, make sufficient profits with their sales, and scale their dropshipping business to 6 figure sales per month easily.

This service is for U.S. and non-US sellers; it doesn’t matter! Some states require an extra fee to get a resale certificate, and the client will be in charge of these fees.

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Get Your Resale Certificate to Boost Your Profit!

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What You Need For a Reseller Certificate

You provide some simple information, and we do the rest –

  • - Your business identifying details
  • - Your personal identifying details.
  • - The type of business you operate.
  • - What types of items you are buying tax-free.
  • - A signature verifying that you are making the purchase in good faith and truly intend to resell the items you are purchasing.

Why Choose Us

We help these drop shippers get sales tax exemption in all states in a 100 % legal way.

100% Legal Service

We offer a legal tax exemption service, and your certificates will be created under your business name and your name.

100% Legal Service

We offer a legal tax exemption service, and your certificates will be created under your business name and your name.

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Resale Certificate

Resale Certificate

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Frequently Asked Question

Avoiding paying sales tax as a seller yourself sounds pretty great. But how do you get a resale certificate?
You can apply for a resale certificate through your state's tax department. Be sure to apply to the state tax department in the state you physically have an address—not the state in which you are incorporated, if it's different. If you sell products in more than one state, you'll have to apply for a resale certificate in every single state you do business in. If you're operating in a state that's different than the state in which you incorporated, you'll need to complete a Foreign Qualification process to be able to do business in a different state. It's important to note that you'll need a copy of your resale certificate for every instance in which you use one. That means if you do business with multiple wholesalers, you'll need a resale certificate for each one.

You can buy any products that you intend to put up for resale or components to make items you intend to resell. For example, if you are a jewelry designer, you can purchase gemstones tax-free to fashion into jewelry for your customers.
Just keep in mind that you can’t purchase items you do not intend to resell—like equipment or office supplies—without paying a sales tax using a resale certificate. In this case, that would be considered tax fraud (Those items, however, can be income-tax deductions, but that’s a whole different tax matter). When it comes down to it, you can purchase items with a resale certificate when you intend on charging sales tax on the items when you resell them.

Many retailers accept resale certificates, but not all—it’s completely up to the business whether they do or don’t accept resale certificates. Retailers are on the hook to pay lost sales tax if it turns out that the resale certificate is expired or false.
You’ll also find situations where retailers choose not to accept resale certificates to discourage retail arbitrage, such as Target trying to discourage people from buying rare items to sell online with a huge markup.