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Starting a UK company from Pakistan has never been easier! Our expert team has helped countless Pakistani entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of expanding into the UK market. Contact us today to know more about our affordable and efficient UK company formation services.

What documents are required for the registration process?

You need the below-listed documents for incorporating a business in the UK from Pakistan

  • Identity proof of directors, shareholders, and persons with significant control
  • Proof of address for directors, shareholders, and PSCs.
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation or other legal documents
  • A complete application for registration

Step of Company Formation From Pakistan

Choosing a Business Name

Selecting a business name is critical, yet challenging. Perform a simple Google search can help you choose a unique, distinctive name that represents your business and avoids legal issues.

Type of Company or Business

Our expert team can help you to select from four main types of companies, including private Company Limited by Shares, Private Company Limited by Guarantee, Private Unlimited Company, and Public Limited Company (PLC)

Finding the Right Business or Company Form

To register your business, visit the website and access the relevant forms, such as the OS IN01 form. The main form to fill and submit to the Companies House UK is the OS IN01 form.

Enter Company Details

We will help you complete the OS IN01 form with all necessary details, including your registered address, incorporation date, employee count, and mortgage charge sheet from a Pakistani bank, to avoid any future complications.

Open a Business Bank Account

Most banks offer convenient online account applications, with the process usually taking only a few minutes. Depending on the bank and the type of business, there may be a small account setup fee.

Making a Payment

After completing the OS IN01 form, you will need to make a payment by using Visa debit or Mastercard. Once your payment is received, you will receive a confirmation notice and email to start your registration process.

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We're glad to be a part of so many success stories by providing our UK Company formation service from Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, a non-UK resident can register a company in the UK from Pakistan. They will need to have a registered office address in the UK and appoint a UK-based director or use a service address for official communications. The process may require additional steps and considerations.

The process of registering a company in the UK from Pakistan typically takes around 1-2 weeks or longer, depending on the complexity of the application and the type of company being registered. After submitting the application, it usually takes around 24-48 hours for the company to be registered, provided that all requirements are met.

The cost of registering a company in the UK from Pakistan depends on several factors such as the type of company being registered and the level of service required. Visit our Uk Company Formation Page to know our pricing. You can consult with Business Globalizer for a better understanding of the costs involved.

To open a business bank account in the UK for a Pakistani registered company, you will need to contact the bank of your choice and provide the necessary documentation. This will typically include proof of identity and address for the company's directors and beneficial owners, as well as proof of the company's registration and trading address. Some banks may also require additional documentation such as financial statements or business plans. Here is Business Globalizer to help you to open a business bank account without any hassle.

No, a Pakistani business address cannot be used as the registered address for a UK company. To register a company in the UK, you must provide a UK-based registered office address where official communications can be sent. This address can be the address of a friend or relative, a commercial registered office provider, or a physical address that you own or lease. The registered office address must be in the same part of the UK where the company is registered, such as England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland

Yes, it is possible to register a company in the UK from Pakistan without a UK address. Non-UK residents can use the address of a friend, relative, or a commercial registered office provider as the company's registered office address in the UK. This address must be located in the same part of the UK where the company is registered, such as England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. It's important to note that having a registered office address in the UK is a legal requirement for all UK companies, and failure to comply may result in fines or other penalties.