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Get access to the most lucrative startup ecosystems by incorporating a company in the USA, no matter where you reside. Our services include all the features you need to run your business globally.

Get Your Business Registered in The USA as Non-Resident.

The United States of America is a land of opportunities for business. The world’s largest economy provides a wealth of opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to succeed. From tech startups to fashion brands, there is a place for businesses of all types in the USA. The country’s vast size and diverse population offer a ready market for any product or service.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is also known as a sole trader that has one owner and where the owner is responsible for paying personal income tax on business profits. Many sole proprietors operate under their own names because it is relatively simple and straightforward to set up and maintain.


In the United States, partnerships are the most straightforward and effective kind of commercial entity. A partnership is defined by American law as a business arrangement of two or more people that shares the profits and liabilities of the firm. Partnerships typically have no formal launch costs and only a few industry-specific restrictions to follow.


A corporation or company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders. Because company shareholders have all the same rights and responsibilities, often the same legal rights and obligations, apply to corporations. They are able to enter into contracts, make loans, take a dividend, file a lawsuit, hire staff, advertise, have assets, and pay taxes.

Limited Liability Company

An LLC is a form of business structure that gives its owners the adaptable organizational and tax structures of a partnership while providing the personal liability protection of a corporation. It is also referred to as a “hybrid” entity because it possesses elements of both a corporation and a partnership.

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Yes! At Business Globalizer, we help you go global. Be it Company Formation in USA, unlocking Payment Gateways for you or Taxation, we take the hassle off your backs! But how do we do it? Let’s take a look!

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Incorporate your company in the USA and make your dream a reality. We’ll do the heavy lifting by doing all the tedious paperwork. You just focus on what matters most to you.

We have the required expertise in company formation and have a track record of delivering with precision. With our experience, we assure you that your new company will be registered within the shortest time possible.

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Company formation is one of the most crucial decisions in any entrepreneur’s life. Everything should be nice and tight to ensure that the business is not at risk of an error. We undertake how to register a business in the USA with the utmost care and dedication. Integrity for your company formation and top-notch customer service are among the qualities that make us the best choice for company formation.

We Break Down the Process

That’s true! Business Globalizer has a team of professionals who do the small things right. We strive to break the whole process.

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You think of expanding your business like every entrepreneur out there. We get that! That’s why we help you take things in the next level.

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Frankly, we’re the best in the community at what we do! Hence, we have certain responsibilities as stakeholders.

Register a company in the USA as a Non-Resident

Get access to all the facilities that a US company enjoys by incorporating your business there. As a non-resident, whether you’re a south Asian or European, you may be subject to additional regulations.

Your journey will start with choosing the right business structure. Then you will need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits depending on your business type. It’s also important to understand the US tax system, as you’ll be required to file annual tax.

All that is overwhelming, and any mistake could stop you from achieving your goals.

The good news is that our experienced team will help you set up everything without getting your hands dirty with that crazy legal stuff.

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All You Need to Run Your Company in the US

Business Bank Account(S)

We'll open two remote bank accounts for you without setting foot in the US!

Amazon Seller Account

If you want to sell on Amazon FBA, our experienced consultants can guide you through Amazon's convoluted approval process.


We can guide you to getting your Stripe and Paypal accounts. We'll work with you from start to finish to get it accomplished on the first try.

U.S. Debit Cards for You & Employees

With your US Company debit cards, you can withdraw money free all over the USA and use it for Apple Pay payments.

Virtual Address

A mailing address for government correspondence and payment checks from customers.

1:1 Tax & Accounting Advice

Our accounting & tax consultants have many years of experience offering support to non-USA entrepreneurs.

Employment Identification Number

We help you to get your EIN for your company and ITIN for you, fast!

Business Address

Some institutions may require a bill with an address on it to prove your US presence.


Our Pricing Plan

Select the package that best suits your business. We have several packages from which you can pick.


$349.00 + State Fee

  • Company Formation
  • Registered Agent for one year
  • Basic Tax Consultation
  • Business Bank Account
  • Employment Identification Number (EIN)
  • Mail Forwarding 1 Year
  • Business Address 1 Year
  • Bank Account Application Process
  • ITIN
  • Lease Agreement
  • Business Stripe Account
  • Business PayPal Account
  • Premium Business Consultation - $150


$799.00 + State Fee

  • Company Formation
  • Registered Agent for one year
  • Basic Tax Consultation
  • Business Bank Account
  • Employment Identification Number (EIN)
  • Mail Forwarding 1 Year
  • Business Address 1 Year
  • Bank Account Application Process
  • ITIN
  • Business Stripe Account
  • Business PayPal Account
  • Lease Agreement
  • Premium Business Consultation - $99


$1,249.00 + State Fee

  • Company Formation
  • Registered Agent for one year
  • Basic Tax Consultation
  • Business Bank Account
  • Employment Identification Number (EIN)
  • Mail Forwarding 1 Year
  • Business Address 1 Year
  • Bank Account Application Process
  • ITIN
  • Lease Agreement
  • Business Stripe Account
  • Business PayPal Account
  • Premium Business Consultation

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Business Globalizer has more than 7-years of experience in supporting business worldwide, even for a digital startup. We do not launch your business, instead, we lead you in every possible option to make you successful.

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Your business might start from your own backyard but there’s no reason for it to end up there as well. We will help you take your service and products global. With our expertise, your business will reach new heights. Kind of which you’ve never seen or experienced before.

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Frequently Asked Question

LLC or Limited Liability Company is a business structure for private companies that combines the features of a corporation with that of a sole proprietorship or partnership. As such, it can have one or more owners, called "members," who will equally participate in the running of the business. An LLC owner is also protected against personal pursuit for repayment of business claims and debts. This means a creditor can't come after the owner's possessions, including a home, car, or other things. Only LLC assets can be used to strike off debts. LLC corporations do not pay taxes directly on their profits. Their profit or loss is passed through members, who report them on their tax returns.

The answer to this question depends upon your business type, industry, state, and other factors. However, regardless of the state, registration of a new company in the United States is only possible with one of these four forms.
1.Sole Proprietorship
3.Limited Liability Company (LLC)
4.Corporations (S and C classifications)
To give you an idea, the cost can range from $600 to $1400 depending upon different factors related to the registration of a company in the USA. Also, certain additional costs are involved, like tax filing, bookkeeping, and other things. Depending on numerous factors, it takes up to six months for registration approval for your business.

The process of starting a company in the United States requires several factors to be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is best to hire services as they have experience and proficiency in getting the job done easily. Nevertheless, the process of forming a company in the US is as follows:
1. Select a State
2. Name your company
3. Hire a registered agent service
4. Provide names and addresses of the people involved
5. Get a Federal Employer Identification Number
6. Get a physical US mailing address
7. Open a US bank account
8. Prepare for US tax filing

It is possible for anyone to form a company in the United States, even if you are a non-citizen or a foreign corporation. You are also legally permitted to manage your LLC or corporation from outside the country, but to enter the US, you will be required a work permit or Visa. As a non-resident, there are two types of business entities that you can form:
LLC – Limited Liability Company is likely the best business structure choice as members are protected from personal liability if the enterprise goes into debt or issues. Plus, there is the exemption of bookkeeping regulations.
Corporations – Also known as C-Corp, provide strong protection against personal liability, but the cost of forming a corporation is higher than other business structures. Its biggest advantage is the opportunity to expand by offering unlimited shares.

There is no need for you to physically visit the country to register the company, as the process can be commenced and completed online through different sources. You can give us a call and leave the hassle of forming your company to us. You will be asked to fill out specific documents and submit proof of your identity, which the US authorities will verify before registering your company. The United States is quite open to foreign businesses, which can immensely benefit from its growing economy and vast population. Delaware and Nevada are two states that can be inexpensive for non-citizens to set up their businesses from their home countries.

Banks with an International presence often allow the opening of international accounts. For foreigners who don't have a US address, this is a great alternative. You can open the account from your country without flying to the US. Some banks with international presence in the US and beyond include Citibank, HSBC, and Charles Schwab. Here are some of the basic requirements to open your bank account:
1. Proof of residency
2. Government-issued ID
3. Minimum deposit
If you wish to register your business in the US, it is imperative to have a US bank account. Without it, you won't be able to establish your corporation or ensures its functioning.