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Avoid penalties and minimize your tax liability. The IRS can charge fines for late or incorrect filings. Our Expert Tax Professional will Prepare & File The U.S. Tax Return for non-resident.

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Why file your U.S. taxes through Business Globalizer?

The United States has a complex tax system, and businesses need to file their taxes in order to comply with the law. However, filing your taxes can be a complicated and time-consuming process. We can help you file your US tax returns quickly and easily, so that you can focus on running your business.

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A bunch of well-experienced income tax experts will prepare a 100% error-free tax file to ensure a guaranteed service

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US Tax Filing Return

Avoid penalties and minimize your tax liability. Business Tax returns Up to $2,50,000, Need Custom Pricing. Please Contact Support for a special deal. Special Discount for Zero Earners.

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Frequently Asked Question

A Business Tax Filing is an income tax return for a corporation. It is a statement that shows the income and expenditure of a business. The government gives this statement to the business along with the tax that the company has to pay on the profits. The statement has details of the assets and liabilities the business has, including fixed assets, debtors and creditors, and loans given and taken. All businesses are required to disclose their earnings for the year to the government and to file an annual tax return every year. Failing to do so will lead to legal action.

Business taxes are direct taxes levied by the government on a business’s income and profits. This requires all companies to keep a detailed list of their expenses and a statement about how the business operates. The forms are to be filled out depending on the business type. Personal taxes are meant to be paid by individuals. It is the tax payable on their salary and wages. Form 1040 is the standard tax form that is used for personal taxes. Businesses have various forms to fill. They must fill up unique income tax returns each time, depending on the industry the company operates in.

You can reach out to us on our website under contact or send us a message via Facebook, Whatsapp, or email. We can then schedule a skype call with you. When it comes to filing tax returns, we offer our customers an easy and convenient service. We start by discussing the requirements for filing US tax returns, and then after we get all the information, we proceed to take care of everything after there.

Whether or not a business has to pay taxes depends on how much income it makes per year. The SBA states that the average federal tax to be paid by a small business is 19.8%. The average for a small company is 26.9%, for a small partnership is 23.6%, and for a sole proprietor is 13.3%. Other elements that affect how much taxes are to be paid are the state the small business is in and how a company has been set up. For a business to be required to pay taxes, they have to earn USD 400 or more in the year.