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Get Your Walmart Store Approved Today!

Getting a Walmart Seller Account Approval is certainly a pain nowadays, and it takes weeks to get an answer from Walmart in most cases. Our experts have decades of experience getting tons of Walmart seller account approval. Are you ready to be approved as a seller on Walmart?

Walmart Marketplace Isn’t For Everyone.

While platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are easy for both novice and experienced companies to get their start, Walmart Marketplace is exceptionally selective.

The basic criteria for being approved includes having previous e-commerce experience, fast shipping and excellent customer service—several things that may seem like easy boxes to check off.

But you can’t jump the gun here. You must be able to prove that you’re trustworthy and a good fit for Walmart. Walmart checks each and every application thoroughly, and won’t hesitate to keep you waiting if anything looks amiss or if you’re missing certain documentation.

Our Fast And Simple Three Step Process

Get Your Walmart Store Approved In Three Easy Steps By Our Team Of Approval Experts With A 99% Guaranteed Success Rate!

Fill Out Our Application Form

With a few clicks, we can make sure your documents are prepared and filed correctly.

Our Expert Team Handles the approval process

With our transparent fees, you make one payment and know that the document is right and the right payments are delivered to the right place at the right time.

We contact you when you’re approved!

Closing a business can be stressful. You don’t need to add to the stress by wondering whether your company has filed the right paperwork with the state.

Get My Walmart Seller Account Approved

Don’t wait. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have already started their businesses!

Our Fast And Simple Three Step Process

Get Your Walmart Store Approved In Three Easy Steps By Our Team Of Approval Experts With A 99% Guaranteed Success Rate!

STEP - 01

Make sure your EIN, W9, DUNS#, Phone# and Address have never been used before to apply for Walmart

STEP - 02

Email us your EIN, W9 and DUNS#

STEP - 03

We pay for your website design, Domain, SSL certification and other expenses

STEP - 04

Have a Zoom Call (40 mins – 60 mins) with us. We will use your laptop and WIFI and both should never be used before for Walmart store logins and applications

STEP - 05

Get your approved store, have us setup your store policies, and receive your login credentials/Google Sheet

STEP - 06

Pay us for our services!

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Save your time. Let us handle the paperwork.

If we can’t get you your EIN, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, 100% risk-free.

  1. Access 24/7 customer support at [email protected]
  2. Get a dedicated EIN specialist

Walmart Seller Account Approval

Walmart Seller Account Approval

$ 1500.00

Frequently Asked Question

We offer 100% refund because we believe in our approval service. It is possible that Walmart may reject some applications based on a number of factors. In case you get a rejection, we will pay for your new LLC, EIN, DUNS, W9, Domain and a website and will get you approved.

In order to sell on Walmart marketplace, you need to first meet these requirements.
  1. Established eCommerce selling experience
  2. Registered business in the US
  3. Established customer support (your ratings and reviews from other platforms will be reviewed)
  4. Conduct order fulfilment in a timely manner
  5. Your products fit into the Walmart catalog; Walmart is looking for sellers who have a wide variety of products and/or unique products which are not already listed on their marketplace

Pay us after the approval and see approved screen shots along with dates?