Stay Compliant, Save More: Simplifying UK Tax Returns for Non-Resident Company Owners!

Are you a non-resident individual or business earning income in the UK? Navigating the complexities of UK tax regulations can be overwhelming, but fret not! Our team of expert tax professionals specializes in assisting non-residents like you to file their UK tax returns seamlessly while taking advantage of Cross-Border Legal Advisors (CLA).

  • Simplify the Process and Ensure You Meet All Your Tax Obligations with Ease.
  • Find the Best Experienced Tax Advisor and Business Consultation Solution.
  • File Your Tax Return with Our Expert Assistance.
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Why Is Filing a UK Tax Return Mandatory as a Non-Resident?

As a non-resident, you might wonder why filing a UK tax return is necessary. Here are some compelling reasons:

Legal Compliance

The UK tax law mandates that non-residents declare their UK-sourced income and pay any applicable taxes.

 Avoid Penalties

Failure to file a tax return can result in severe penalties, which can significantly impact your finances.

Claiming Tax Refunds

If you're eligible for tax refunds, filing a tax return allows you to claim what's rightfully yours.

Strengthening Financial Records

Filing tax returns helps establish a transparent financial history, which can be beneficial for future transactions or residency applications.

UK Tax Service Fee

Tax File prepare and Submission

Annual Turnover Total Fee
Null/Dormant Accounts £90+VAT
£1,000 to £25,000 £279+VAT
£25,001 to £50,000 £359+VAT
£50,001 to £85,000 £479+VAT
Above £85,000 Custom+VAT

Additional Business Bank

Account Reconciliation (per bank account)

Number Of Transactions Charges
Below 600 £65+VAT
600-800 £90+VAT
800-1000 £115+VAT
1000-1200 £140+VAT

VAT Return Reconciliation

Number Of Transactions Charges
Below 600 £25
600-800 £70+VAT
800-1000 £95+VAT
1000-1200 £120+VAT

Payroll Reconciliation

Number Of Employees Charges
0-5 £20
5-10 £45+VAT
10-50 £70+VAT

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Why Trust Business Globalizer?

At Business Globalizer, we understand that tax matters can be complex and intimidating, especially when dealing with cross-border regulations. Here’s why we are your best partner for UK tax returns for non-residents:


Our team of tax professionals specializes in non-resident tax matters, ensuring accurate and reliable tax filings.

Simplified Process

We streamline the entire process for you, making it effortless to provide the necessary information and documents.

 Maximizing Deductions

Our experts work diligently to identify eligible deductions and credits, optimizing your tax savings.

Personalized Service

We treat every client uniquely, tailoring our services to your specific financial situation and needs.