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Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Get your EIN for your company quickly and easily.

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We help you get your ITIN fast as we're IRS certified acceptance agent.

Business Bank Account

We'll open remote bank accounts for you without setting foot in the US!

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Simplify online payments and transactions with our secure PayPal account.

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We guide you to getting your Stripe account. We'll work with you from start to finish to get it accomplished on the first try.

Tax & Accounting Advice

Our accounting & tax consultants have many years of experience offering support to non-US entrepreneurs.

Debit Cards for You & Employees

With your U.S. company debit cards, you can withdraw money all over the world and use it for any other payment gateway.

Mail Forwarding Address

Experience seamless mail forwarding for stress-free, on-the-go accessibility.

Business Address

Some institutions may require a bill with an address on it to prove your US presence.

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Frequently Asked Question

As a non-resident, can I register a company in the US?
Yes, you can. Any non-resident citizen or foreign company can establish their business in the US. However, you must comply with some of the required legal compliances to form your company. Please check the link for the required documents.
Yes, you can. We have a dynamic dashboard to complete your entire company formation procedure online.
We need only two forms of documents to register your USA company (KYC purpose only). A Valid international Passport Recent bank Statement (one page only).
Once we receive your basic information, it will take 3-5 working days to complete the formation. However, the formation process/time will vary from state to state.
We have some excellent packages designed for you. Please click the link and select your preferred package.
After forming a company, you can start setting up your Bank accounts, Payment Gateways, etc. Our team can help you move ahead.
A state fee is a sum of money that the state’s government collects in exchange for various services, licenses, or permits. For instance: Florida state fee is $125; the Annual return state fee is $138.75 Wyoming state fee is $100 Delaware state fee is $90, and the annual return state fee is $300 To learn more, check here.
No, the registered agent’s address cannot be used as the legal or mailing address of the company. The registered agent’s address is only for receiving official documents, and the company’s legal address must be a valid physical address. Some services like mail forwarding can be provided to have a US business address where your mail is sent and accessible to you.
A business license may not be required if you do not have a physical office in the US, as some licenses are based on the location of the office or business. However, it is important to check if business-specific licenses are required based on the activity the LLC or corporation is engaged in, as these may still apply.
The renewal cost of an LLC is $179+state fee. The state fee varies state-to-state.