How to Set up a US LLC and US Bank Account as a Non–US Resident

Set Up a US LLC

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Corporate bank accounts can create opportunities for your e-commerce business by giving your operations more credibility and access to resources that can simplify managing your company. Many businesses can open bank accounts online without ever entering a bank.

However, as long as you have the necessary documentation, you can open a bank account in the U.S. for yourself or your US-based enterprises, whether you are a citizen, resident, or non-resident. The United States is most likely one of the easiest countries in the world to open a bank account. Along with Georgia, it’s one of the few countries where opening a bank account as a non-resident is quite simple.

But how effortless or challenging is it to create an LLC with a non-resident U.S. bank account? Keep reading for all the information you need, including whether you can apply for an account online and what documents you’ll need.

Benefits of Choosing the US Jurisdiction to Start Your Business

Starting a company in the United States is the first step in building a global brand. Whether owned abroad or at home, all firms in the United States are treated equally. You can now access all the laws about buying a business or transferring money. If there is ever a commercial issue, it places you on an equal footing with your adversary.

Can a Non-US Resident Form a US LLC?

You don’t have to be an American citizen, resident, or even physically present in the country to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) there.

In the U.S., there are often no restrictions on who can create and hold an LLC. This implies that people from other nations can establish, own, and join an LLC with a U.S. base. They are permitted to be foreign nationals. Aliens residing in the United States are free to form, acquire ownership, and join an LLC.

What Is an LLC?

Limited Liability Company is what LLC stands for. Thought to stand for Limited Liability Company, LLC is not a corporation, contrary to popular belief. Compared to a corporation, an LLC requires less paperwork and is simpler to establish.

A business company known as an LLC may have one or more owners, often known as members. Unless they choose an alternate management structure known as manager management, LLC members usually take an equal share in running the company.

Should I Form an LLC or a C Corp?

While an LLC is similar to a company, it offers more management and tax flexibility and typically requires less record-keeping. Corporations have been around for a while and offer a consistent structure, eternal existence, and simple share transferability—all of which are crucial characteristics if you intend to seek outside investment.

By forming an LLC or corporation, you can benefit from having less personal liability for business debts. LLCs are a type of small, independently owned business that values flexibility over extensive corporate formality. Companies that want to draw in outside capital should think about forming corporations.

Which Is the Best State to Form My LLC?

A few states, notably Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming, have a reputation for providing a highly business-friendly environment or even for selling themselves to prospective business owners as their top option. Although these states provide a variety of attractive incentives to business owners, these advantages rarely apply to LLCs that operate outside their borders.

Any Wyoming, Nevada, or Delaware-based LLC must also submit a request for foreign LLC status in the state or states in which they carry on business. Any advantages offered by these three states are quickly undermined by this necessity.

Wyoming vs. Delaware: Which State to Go for?

For forming an LLC, Wyoming and Delaware are recognized as friendly states for business.

Wyoming was only recently thought to be convenient for businesspeople, but the latter has long been developing its business-friendly attitude. Anyone who incorporates in Wyoming or Delaware will find both locations to be very beneficial.

Wyoming typically provides smaller businesses with better advantages, like increased privacy and lower taxes. In contrast, Delaware frequently attracts larger companies that can benefit from its complex legal system and the Court of Chancery.

How Should I Form My LLC?

There are two methods for creating an LLC:

  1. Create one on your own, or

  2. Hire a lawyer to complete the LLC on your behalf.

In either case, you must adequately take and finish each of the following steps:

  • Identify your LLC’s name.
  • Contact a registered agent.
  • Get business licenses.
  • Save the organization’s articles of incorporation.
  • Ask the IRS for an EIN.
  • Write your LLC’s operating agreement.

How Do I Get a US Mailing Address?

For non-resident-owned enterprises, having a U.S. mailing address is advantageous for several reasons, including creating a company bank account, building credibility, and removing the uncertainty of whether services ship overseas.

There are several ways to obtain a physical U.S. address, such as:

  • Virtual Addresses for Businesses or Offices.
  • Postal Services.
  • P.O. boxes.
  • Co-working spaces.

How Do I Get an EIN?

You must obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) if your business employs one or more people. However, other circumstances will demand an EIN, even if your business is unstaffed.

You must submit Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN), to the IRS to request an EIN. You can file electronically, via fax, or by mail. You will receive an EIN right away if you file online. Filing takes roughly four days via fax and approximately four weeks by mail.

What Is an EIN vs. an ITIN vs. an SSN?

A United States Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Social Security Administration (SSA). In addition to serving other purposes, TINs enforce and manage U.S. tax regulations.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) issues Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to distinguish between people, such as U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary nonimmigrant workers.

The IRS issues an EIN, a special 9-digit number, to people or organizations doing business in the US in order to identify them.

How Do I Get an ITIN?

When you are required to file taxes in the United States or to make informational reports, you must apply for an ITIN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

You must submit Form W-7 together with your federal income tax return, identification documentation, and documentation of your immigration status as a foreign national to apply for an ITIN. If you are a foreign national who established an LLC in the US, you should consult an accountant to determine whether you are subject to US taxation.

How Do I Get a US Phone Number?

You must have a U.S. phone number to apply for a U.S. bank account. A few of the key justifications for getting a U.S. phone number are as follows:

  • Commercial Verification: A U.S. phone number is necessary for requesting a bank account, a Stripe/PayPal account, an Amazon Seller account, and more.

  • Location Proof: Utility bills are frequently required as proof of residence by services to conduct business. This is essential if you want to sell on Amazon!

How Do I Set Up a US Business Bank Account?

You must be registered in the U.S. and provide an EIN to create a U.S. business bank account as a business organization (Employee Identification Number). So, if you’re a foreign-owned corporate entity, the answer is regrettably no. You cannot open a U.S. bank account due to U.S. business account restrictions.

However, if you’re a foreign resident, you can open a personal U.S. bank account. Generally speaking, you can open one without any particular residency restrictions.

Stripe or PayPal: The Better Option

E-commerce-friendly online payment processors like Stripe and PayPal offer invoicing and recurring billing. Although Stripe offers a broader feature set than PayPal due to robust developer tools, PayPal is a well-known brand and is very user-friendly. Additionally, Stripe typically costs less per transaction for online retailers than PayPal.

PayPal and Stripe compete in comparable market areas and share many things. However, a closer look reveals several significant variations that, depending on the type of organization, may be rather important.

What Is an LLC Annual Report?

The names and addresses of your registered agent, directors, and managers, as well as other pertinent information about your business, are all included in an LLC annual report. It is a thorough report on the business’s operations for the previous year. Annual reports provide information about the company’s operations and financial performance to shareholders and other interested parties.

States demand an annual filing because they believe it’s crucial that this information be made available to the public since a lot might change regarding a corporation in a year.

The Bottomline

Building a business in the U.S. is frequently the first step toward building a global brand. Many well-known companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, etc., were created in this country. Some businesses, like Uniqlo, started in another nation before becoming well-known on a global scale after finding success in the U.S.

In light of this, you should be prepared to create your new US LLC registration after following this guide. There is no escaping the fact that many people would adore registering their business there if given a chance. Of course, there are papers and hoops to jump through. Once everything is set up, you’ll have access to all the U.S. banking services you require to operate your company there.

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