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Are you running a high-risk business and facing challenges in obtaining reliable payment processing solutions? Look no further! Our High-risk Merchant Account & Payment Processing Solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses considered high-risk in the eyes of traditional payment processors.
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Why and When Businesses Considered as High-Risk?

Unlock the secrets behind high-risk businesses! Discover the critical ‘why’ and ‘when’ factors that drive businesses to embrace risk and pave the way for unprecedented growth and success. Join now and redefine your business journey!

High Transaction Volume

Merchants, who have high transaction rates, may be considered high-risk. If a merchant processes over $20,000 in payments per month, or has an average transaction of $500 or more, it may be categorized as high-risk.

Accepting International Payments

If a merchant sells to consumers in countries with a high level of risk, they may qualify as high risk. (any country except the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the countries in Europe).

New Merchant

If the merchant is new or has so little previous record, they may be considered high risk simply because they have no relevant record. On the other hand, If the merchant carries low credit, it may be considered high-risk.

High-risk Industry

While a merchant may have a flawless record, they may be labeled high-risk due to the industry they are considered to be less trustworthy than other industries.

What Types of Businesses Considered High-Risk?

It can be difficult for business owners to be told that their business is risky. Many merchants sell goods and services that are legal, effective, and fruitful, yet credit card companies and banks tell these sellers that they need a high-risk merchant solution.

Some of the factors that are labeled a business as risky and we help with:
  • IPTV.
  • Streaming.
  • E-book.
  • Development.
  • SEO.
  • SMM Panel.
  • Designing Services.
  • Subscription Type Service Services.
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High-Risk Merchant Account vs. Low-Risk Merchant Account

A few general traits emerge that make merchants low-risk to payment processors. Low-risk merchants typically exhibit these traits:

  • Low transaction volume.
  • Average transactions under $500.
  • Business in one country that is labeled low risk.
  • One currency.
  • Very low or zero chargebacks and a low percentage of returns.
  • Industries labeled low-risk.

What Are the Challenges of High-Risk Business?

Empower Your Business

Unlock the potential of secure and efficient payment processing for high-risk ventures.

Chargeback Struggles

Frequent chargebacks can hinder smooth payment processing for high-risk merchants.

Limited Payment Gateway Options

High-risk industries often encounter restricted access to payment gateways.

Breaking Tradition

Securing a traditional merchant account can be difficult for businesses in these industries.

Your Payment Solution

Discover tailored services designed to overcome high-risk payment obstacles.

Changing Industry Landscape

High Risk industry can be subject to rapid changes in technology, regulations, and consumer preferences. Businesses must stay agile to adapt to these changes.

Our Tailored Solution

At Business Globalizer, we specialize in providing secure and reliable high-risk merchant accounts and payment processing solutions. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of high-risk industries and has developed a comprehensive approach to help your business thrive.

Why Trust Business Globalizer for Your High-Risk Merchant?

Personalized Risk Management

Customized risk management strategies based on your business needs. Minimize charge backs and fraud to ensure smooth payment processing. We know that every business is unique, and we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific business needs and risks. We tailor our risk management strategies to ensure your payment processing is smooth and efficient while minimizing charge backs and fraud.

Fast Approvals

Time is of the essence, and we value your time as much as you do. Our streamlined application process ensures that you get your high-risk merchant account approved quickly, so you can start accepting payments without delay.

Comprehensive Fraud Prevention

Protecting your business from fraud is our top priority. Our advanced fraud prevention tools and real-time monitoring systems will keep your transactions secure, giving you peace of mind and safeguarding your revenue.

Diverse Payment Methods

We understand that offering multiple payment options is essential for customer satisfaction and increased conversions. With our high-risk merchant accounts and solutions, you are capable of accepting any payments seamlessly.

When you partner with Business Globalizer, you can have peace of mind knowing that your high-risk merchant needs are in capable hands. Let us be your reliable and trusted ally as you navigate the challenges and opportunities in the high-risk business landscape.

Why You Trust Business Globalizer for Your High-Risk Merchant Account & Payment Processing Solutions?

Quick Application

Our simple application process will help you to drive a cost-effective plan for your business with our high-risk expert. It's going to save you time and frustration.

Industry Experience

Credit card processing is complex. But our experienced and relevant payment processing knowledge is put to use on your behalf to get your high-risk business solution right away.

Dedicated Support Team

We are prepared to deal with the tricky, highly risky world in a way that gives you peace of mind. We are going to explore your options and make sure that you will get the best possible solutions.

Your Business's Security Is Our Priority

At Business Globalizer, we understand the importance of safeguarding your business’s data and your customers’ information. Our payment processing solutions comply with industry standards, including PCI DSS and GDPR, ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

Get Started Today!

Don’t let payment processing challenges hold your high-risk business back. Take advantage of our secure and reliable high-risk merchant accounts and payment processing solutions to grow your business with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, High-Risk Merchants may have the opportunity to appeal a terminated account or payment processing shutdown. They can provide evidence of improved risk management practices, dispute chargeback ratios, or demonstrate compliance with industry regulations to support their appeal.

High-Risk Merchants can include businesses involved in sectors such as adult entertainment, online gambling, pharmaceuticals, telemarketing, travel services, e-cigarettes, and CBD products, among others.

Financial institutions impose higher processing fees on High-Risk Merchants because they are perceived as more likely to experience financial losses due to chargebacks, disputes, and legal complications.

Some payment processors specialize in serving High-Risk Merchants. You can research and find providers that have experience dealing with businesses in your industry.

High-Risk Merchants often struggle to obtain payment processing solutions, face frequent account freezes, have limited access to traditional banking services, and must implement strict fraud prevention measures.

High-Risk Merchants can mitigate chargebacks and disputes by providing clear product descriptions, excellent customer service, prompt order fulfillment, and using fraud prevention tools like 3D Secure.

While some High-Risk Merchants might be able to secure a traditional merchant account, many will require specialized high-risk merchant account providers due to the increased risk involved in their business.

Yes, High-Risk Merchants may explore alternative payment methods like e-checks, cryptocurrency, or offshore merchant accounts to cater to their unique needs.

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