How to Get a Business PayPal Account from Not Allowed Country

If you're looking to get a business PayPal account from a not allowed country, then look no further! Business Globalizer can help you get set up quickly and easily.
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PayPal is a widely accepted, online banking system. It is mostly used for online payment processing and transactions. PayPal provides access to a vast number of people’s financial services, such as banking, payments, etc. That is why PayPal has become a top choice among business owners, online buyers, affiliate marketers, marketplaces, etc. Though PayPal was established in the United States, it is globally one of the most preferred banking methods.

Presently, PayPal is available in more than 200 countries and supports almost 25 currencies. However, there are some countries where PayPal is not allowed. It doesn’t mean that if you are from a not-allowable country, you cannot get a verified PayPal account.

So, how to get a business PayPal account from a not allowed country?

Well, here, Business Globalizer can help you get a business PayPal account even from a not-allowable country. Also, there are some other ways and techniques to access a business PayPal account.

Note: Remember, using alternative methods can be risky as they are not 100% genuine. It means that if the PayPal authority detects your account as illegal, they could delete it without any prior notice. No matter if your account has thousands of dollars.

In this article, we’ll tell you the easiest way to get a business PayPal account from a banned country. Let’s get started.

How to Get a Business PayPal Account from a Not-Allowed Country?

At this moment, there are a lot of countries that are not supported by PayPal. A few of them are Afghanistan, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. There are more on the list.

If you are from a not-allowable country, it becomes hard to do online business. Luckily, there is more than one way to get a business account. Here we include a guide on how to get a business PayPal account from a not-allowed country.

Know that you’ll need the following information to open a business PayPal account:

Prerequisites to Open a Business PayPal Account

  • Open a Business: The first step is to open a virtual business in a country that PayPal supports. The United States or Europe could be a better option. With a company, you’ll need a business bank account, address, EIN, SSN, TIN, business phone number, etc. Business Globalizer can also help you with these services.

  • Get a Different IP Address: Some people use a VPN, and other changes their IP address personally. We found using proxy software to be stable. You need to use the IP or VPN of the country where you’ll show your business details.

  • Get a Funded Perfect Money Account: A perfect money account is another financial service like PayPal. But, it is much easier to operate and make instant payments.

With all that, you can get a business PayPal account without any hassle. Also, the account will seem authentic to PayPal’s authority. Then, you can continue with the following steps:

Step 1: Get a Virtual Credit Card for Verification

First, buy a virtual credit card to verify your PayPal account. Buy a PayPal virtual credit card. Make sure to give your valid email address, as your VCC will be sent to this email address. It may take around 24 hours or less.

Step 2: Open Your Business PayPal Account

This stage requires attention! Yes, here you need to change your browser settings to the localhost. Change your IP to a valid address where you’ll be showing your business. Now go to the page: and click on the signup button. Choose the business account and proceed to the next page.

Enter the details about your business and contact details. Make sure not to use an email address that you have used for failed attempts to open a PayPal account. You can also use your real name, but make sure you have a valid business address.

The next step is to add credit card information. If you still haven’t gotten your virtual credit card details, skip this step for now. Now click to go to my account. You are registered on PayPal. Next, you may have to verify your email address. So, go ahead and move on to the next stage.

Step 3: Add Credit Card Information

At this point, you’ll need your virtual credit card information that you get through email. You may have to wait to proceed with this step for at least 24 hours. After getting your credit card information, log in to your business PayPal account.

Check if there is an option to add a credit card. Follow the link and enter your credit card details Then click on add card. If your attempt is successful, then you’ll have to confirm your card through other links.

After confirming your credit card information, hit the continue button. It may charge an amount, and also they will ask you to provide a 4-digit code. This is to make sure the credit card is yours. Only then, your process will be considered complete.

Step 4: Getting Verified

So, only the VCC guys can provide you with that 4-digit verification code. You’ve linked your credit card to the PayPal account. Now go back to the Virtual Credit Card website to request the code.

The VCC website will send you an email verification with the code. Now, log in to your PayPal account and confirm your credit card, and there will be a section to put on the code. Finally, place the code and verify your PayPal business account thoroughly.


So, this is how to get a business PayPal account from a not-allowable country. Note that you shouldn’t use any other IP address to access your business PayPal account. Do not start with a large transaction. Also, always clear your browser’s cookie before you go back to the regular IP address.

The process we’ve mentioned above does work but is not 100% authentic. So, you can get help from Business Globalizer to get a trustworthy business PayPal account.

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