Change of the Registered Agent for Your USA Business: How to Do It?

Learn the reasons, essential steps & considerations for the change of the registered agents in the US. This guide on change of registered agent will help you to do so.
Change of the registered agent

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Imagine a scenario, where an important legal document or a government notice arrives for your business, but you never receive it. Why? Because your registered agent’s address is outdated. This nightmare scenario can become a reality if you neglect to update your registered agent information.

Now, are you worried about missing such critical documents that could impact your business? We’ll go over the significance of maintaining up-to-date registered agent information in this guide, along with the procedures for “change of the registered agent.” This will help you facilitate a smooth transfer and shield your company from registered agent-related operational or legal hazards.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Registered Agent?

Before diving into the changing process of your registered agent, let’s briefly discuss the concept first!

What exactly is a registered agent? A chosen person or organization who is in charge of accepting official letters, court orders, and government notifications on behalf of a company. This position is essential because it guarantees that crucial information gets you on time, enabling you to take fast action on any legal or compliance issues.

The registered agent of your company is your trustworthy point of contact with the state and other regulatory agencies about lawsuits, tax notifications, or reminders for yearly reports. Consistency and avoiding business interruptions depend on keeping your registered agent information current. If you forget to change your registered agent—even when it’s time—the consequences can be expensive and annoying.

Why Does My Registered Agent Need to Be Changed?

Now that we know what a registered agent is, let’s learn why you might need to change your registered agent. There are several scenarios where changing your registered agent becomes necessary for the smooth operation and compliance of your business. Failure to address these situations promptly can lead to serious consequences, as we’ve previously discussed.

Let’s explore the reasons why you must go through a change of registered agent and the implications of neglecting this essential task:

  • Changes in Business Structure: You might need to update and alter your registered agent as your business expands, perhaps going from a sole proprietorship to a corporation.

  • Business Relocation: The legal obligation of having a registered agent with a physical address in the state of formation may no longer be met if your business expands or relocates to a different state and your current registered agent ceases to comply.

  • Registered Agent Resignation or Relocation: At some points, the person or company who acts as a registered agent may no longer be able to fulfill their responsibilities. This could be happened due to various reasons such as the registered agent resigning for not being available during business hours, moving out to another state, or experiencing financial troubles in running the designated role.

  • Service Dissatisfaction: It’s possible that you’re not getting the kind of assistance you need from your present registered agent. Delays or improper handling of communications may be involved, endangering the legal status of your company. Changing registered agents can resolve these problems and guarantee that crucial documents are received on time.

  • Privacy Concerns: Using your own address as a registered agent address can be tempting. initially, this can be cost-effective to get started.

    However, keep in mind that once your registered agent information becomes publicly available, you may face privacy concerns or difficulty receiving important documents if you’re not always available during business hours. In these cases, it’s necessary to change and update your registered agent.

  • Legal Compliance: Not keeping an exact and up-to-date registered agent can cause you to miss legal notifications, which could lead to legal issues, penalties from the government, and your business losing its good reputation.

Change of the Registered Agent for Your Business

Once you are aware of the obligation to change the existing registered agent, it’s important to learn the correct procedures to ensure compliance with state regulations. Here is the process you need to follow:

  • Research and Choose the New Registered Agent: When you are determined to change the registered agent, the first initial step is to begin by researching registered agent services in the same state where your business will operate. You can look for the list of registered agents on the website of the Secretary of State to choose one or can get help from legal experts if you don’t want to take any headache.

  • Get Consent: After choosing the registered agent for acting newly, you might need to contact them to obtain their consent. You may need to provide specific business details and sign an agreement sometimes.

  • Fill out the Change of Registered Agent Form: Once you get consent from the individuals or company services, fill out the necessary information about your business in the required forms that are given by the state agency’s website. You may complete this step through the online filing service also.

    Alternatively, you can use the company formation agent Business Globalizer on your behalf, especially if you are a non-resident in the US. We ensure smooth operations for businesses expanding globally with legal compliance. Our service is fast and simple. We help your business maintain privacy and security by providing a top-notch registered agent within 14 days of your filing. We will just need:
    • Your Legal Business name.
    • Your Company Details.
    • Residential Bank Statements.
    • USA Business name.
    • State name, where you are operating the business.

  • Submit the Filing Fee: After completing the registered form fill-up online, you must submit the filing fee. The filing fee for the changes of registered agents depends on the state where you are doing business and the service providers whom you appoint as registered agents.

  • Notify Relevant Parties: This step is optional. Once you submit the filing fee, it’s good practice to notify key parties including company members, company stakeholders, or any relevant legal agencies along with previous registered about the changes.

  • Update Business Records: Lastly, you need to update the business records, agreements, and other official documents, once the change of registered agent is transmitted.

Consideration When Choosing a Registered Agent in the US

Though we cover the full process to change of registered agent in the US, it’s essential to have key considerations when choosing the new one. Because your registered agent will be responsible for handling important legal documents and government correspondence on behalf of your LLC, corporation, or any other entities.

You must consider the reliability and availability during your business hours whether you select the right fit for your business representative or not. Additionally, consider the agent’s reputation and customer service quality including the cost of appointing.

To learn more, please check our other blog to choose the legal US registered agent for your business.


Q1: I am from a different state. In Texas, how can I locate someone to act as my registered agent?

Answer: If you are looking for a registered agent in Texas, you may hire or appoint a professional registered agent service provider who is operating in Texas. Also, you can designate an individual or entity who has a physical address in Texas.

Q2: My registered agent resigned or moved. Should I need to do any paperwork with the secretary of state?

Answer: Certainly, you must take action and submit the necessary documents to inform them about the changes with the Secretary of State.

Q3: How often can I change my registered agent online?

Answer: There’s no limitation on how frequently you make changes to the registered agent. But remember there will be incurred fees each time you change a registered agent depending on the state.

Bottom Line

Do you need to change your registered agent for your LLC or corporation? Or you just want to expand your small business to other states. For maintaining legal compliance and receiving essential communication, learning about the “Changes of Registered Agent” is crucial.

The process for changes of registered agents may seem daunting, but it’s vital for maintaining smooth operations and avoiding legal issues. By selecting a reliable registered agent and following the appropriate steps, you can safeguard your business from potential complications.

Take action today to manage your changes of registered agent and secure your business’s future.

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