How to Get a DUNS Number: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover how to get a DUNS number with our comprehensive guide. Boost your business credibility and unlock new opportunities today!
How to get DUNS number

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Ever wondered what makes a business stand out in the crowd? A DUNS number might just be the secret ingredient. This unique nine-digit identifier is more than just a number; it’s your business’s passport to credibility and opportunities. From securing loans to winning contracts, a DUNS number opens doors for businesses of all sizes, acting as a key to the business world’s vast possibilities. Ready to make your mark and boost your business’s profile?

Let’s dive into the journey, learn how to get a DUNS number, and discover how it can transform your business’s future.

What Is a DUNS Number?

A DUNS number is a business’s unique nine-digit identifier. It’s like a social security number but for your business, allowing it to be recognized and verified globally.

Take a look below to learn briefly about the DUNS number:

  • The DUNS number is a unique nine-digit identifier Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) gives.

  • It’s specific to each physical location of a business, meaning different locations, like branches or headquarters, can have their own DUNS number. However, organizations are advised to limit the number of DUNS numbers they use; often, one main DUNS number along with separate ones for each key division or department applying for grants can work well.

  • To get a DUNS number immediately, you should call and request it over the phone.

DUNS Number Example

A DUNS number typically looks like this: 91-854-4567. It’s a sequence of nine digits, uniquely assigned to each business entity.
This format helps maintain a global standard for identifying and tracking businesses across different industries and locations.

Who Needs a DUNS Number?

The DUNS number is needed for:

  • Any business looking to bid on government contracts or needing to meet certain regulatory requirements.

  • Companies aiming to work with retailers or corporations that demand a DUNS number for partnership or credit purposes.

  • Businesses planning to apply for grants or looking for financing from banks or financial institutions.

In short, if you want your business to be taken seriously, especially when it comes to financing and credibility, getting a DUNS number is a step you can’t skip.

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What Is a DUNS Number Used For?

A DUNS Number plays a crucial role in the business world. Here’s how and where it’s used:

  • Federal Contracts and Grants: Essential for businesses aiming to engage with the U.S. federal government, a DUNS number is required for all contract bids and grant applications. It enables the government to track and verify the legitimacy of businesses.

  • Establishing Credibility and Legitimacy: A DUNS number enhances your company’s validity and credibility, making gaining trust from potential customers or partners easier.

  • Loan and Funding Opportunities: It plays a critical role in the due diligence process for lenders and investors, simplifying the process of securing loans and funding from banks and financial institutions.

  • Business Risk Assessment: Allows prospective partners to evaluate your payment history and potential risks, ensuring a trusted relationship. This is especially crucial for businesses looking to work internationally or with governments.

  • Business Credit Reporting: Dun & Bradstreet utilizes the DUNS number to compile a credit report detailing your business’s financial health and payment history, which lenders use to assess creditworthiness.

  • Global Recognition: Facilitates international business by providing a universally recognized identity, helping to establish trust with global clients and partners.

  • Accessibility for Various Entities: Business owners, vendors, financial institutions, and government entities can request a DUNS number. This proactive step is advised for businesses considering federal grants or contracts in the future.

Obtaining a DUNS number is a strategic move for any business looking to enhance its professional standing, secure financial support, and expand its operations globally.

How to Get a DUNS Number

If you don’t have a DUNS number, you can register by filling out a simple online application or calling their toll-free number.

Required Documents

To get a DUNS number, you need to provide the following information:

  • Registered Business Name.
  • Main Office Name and Address.
  • Alternate Business Name (DBA) or another name under which the organization is commonly known or recognized.
  • Location Address, Including City, State, and ZIP.
  • Separate Mailing Address (if different from the Main Office).
  • Phone Number.
  • Primary Contact Person and Their Position.
  • Employee Count at the Location.
  • Complete website.
  • EIN official letter & number.

Steps to Get a DUNS Number

To get a DUNS number, here are the steps to follow:

  • Check for an Existing Number: Before applying, ensure whether you already have a DUNS number, especially if you plan to apply for federal grants or cooperative agreements—no need to delay until applying.

  • Use Your Existing DUNS Number: If you’ve previously obtained a DUNS number for any reason, including federal acquisition processes, use this same number for all applications. There’s no need for a new one. Request a family tree report from D&B to review and update your organization’s related DUNS numbers.

  • Verify Your DUNS Number Status: Unsure if you have a DUNS number? Contact D&B at 1-866-705-5711, mentioning you’re a federal grant applicant or considering applying. D&B will confirm if you have an existing number.

  • Apply for a DUNS Number: If you’re certain you don’t have a DUNS number, call D&B at the toll-free number above, indicating your interest in federal grants or cooperative agreements. D&B will guide you through providing the necessary information and assign you a DUNS number at no cost.

How Long Does it Take to Get a DUNS Number?

  • Standard Processing: In most cases, you’ll receive your D-U-N-S number within 30 business days.

  • Faster Options: While it can sometimes take less time, for guaranteed quicker processing, you can opt for D&B’s expedited service. For a fee of $229, they guarantee your number within five business days.

How to Manage Your DUNS Number?

After getting a DUNS number, the next thing that becomes important is managing that number. Managing your DUNS number is quite important for keeping your business’s financial credibility in good standing. Here’s how to handle it effectively:

  • Keep Your Information Updated: D&B regularly contacts organizations to ensure their DUNS information is current. It’s vital to respond to these verification requests promptly to maintain accurate records.

  • Consolidate DUNS Numbers: For organizations with multiple DUNS numbers, D&B offers a free family tree listing service. This helps identify which branches or divisions have DUNS numbers and checks if the details are up-to-date. You can request this service by calling D&B’s toll-free line at 1-866-705-5711.

  • Designate a Single Point of Contact: Organizations with multiple DUNS numbers should appoint a single coordinator for DUNS number management. This ensures that the right divisions have the necessary DUNS numbers for federal activities and helps maintain organized records.

  • Opt-Out of Marketing Lists: Upon obtaining a DUNS number, you’re automatically added to D&B’s marketing list, which may be shared with other companies. If you prefer not to be included in this list, you can request to be removed by speaking with a D&B representative during your telephone application for a DUNS number.

How Business Globalizer Can Help You

Going through the process of obtaining a DUNS number, including assembling the necessary documents and managing compliance, can seem daunting. That’s where Business Globalizer steps in. With our dedicated service focused on securing DUNS numbers, we simplify the complex process for you. Our team ensures proper compliance, guiding you every step of the way to obtain your DUNS number efficiently and without hassle. If you’re finding the journey to getting a DUNS number challenging, reach out to Business Globalizer for streamlined, expert assistance.


Q1: How Long Does It Take to Get a DUNS Number?

Answer: In most cases, you’ll receive your D-U-N-S number within 30 business days. However, this timeframe can vary depending on the volume of requests and the completeness of your application.

Q2: Is There a Fee for Obtaining a DUNS Number?

Answer: Getting a DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet is free for all businesses, with a standard processing time of 30 days. If you need it faster, D&B offers an expedited service. For $229, they guarantee delivery of your number within five business days.

Q3: Can I Apply for a DUNS Number Online?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for a DUNS number online through the Dun & Bradstreet website. This is the quickest and most convenient way to submit your application.

Q4: What Information Do I Need to Provide to Get A DUNS Number?

Answer: You will need to provide basic information about your business, including but not limited to your business’s legal name, physical and mailing addresses, phone number, the name of the CEO or business owner, the number of employees, and your company’s legal structure.

Q5: Why Do I Need a DUNS Number?

Answer: A DUNS number is necessary for businesses planning to bid on government contracts, apply for federal grants, establish business credit, and sometimes open a business bank account or secure financing from lenders.

Q6: Can I Have More Than One DUNS Number?

Answer: Generally, a single DUNS number is issued for each physical location of your business. However, if your business operates multiple divisions or branches, each may be eligible for its own DUNS number.

Q7: How Do I Update My Business Information With D&B?

Answer: You can update your business information by contacting Dun & Bradstreet directly. It’s crucial to keep your information current to ensure your DUNS number reflects the most accurate business profile.

Q8: What Should I Do If I Lose My DUNS Number?

Answer: If you misplace your DUNS number, you can retrieve it by contacting Dun & Bradstreet customer service or through their online portal by providing your business name and location.

Final Words

Wrapping up our journey through the steps to get a DUNS number, we hope you now feel more equipped and confident to navigate this essential task. Remember, obtaining a DUNS number is a gateway to not just government contracts and loans but also to establish your business’s credibility in the global market. Don’t let the process intimidate you.

With the right information and support, like the kind you can find at Business Globalizer, securing your DUNS number can be straightforward. So, take that step towards unlocking new opportunities for your business. Ready, set, go get a DUNS number!

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