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Are you a business owner confused about choosing a state to incorporate your business? Or are you looking to expand your business in the US but can not decide which state will fulfill all your requirements? In recent years, many people have incorporated their businesses in the US. Incorporating a business in the US can be a great opportunity with many benefits, including flexibility and independence. 

But choosing a state can be a hassle for the nonresident people. Now, we will discuss this issue to decide which state suits you according to your business.

Why Is Delaware A Popular State To Incorporate? 

There’s no denying that Delaware is a popular state among corporations. You would be surprised to know that more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies and many smaller businesses are incorporated in Delaware. In 2020 alone, more than 160,000 new entities were formed in Delaware, including corporations, LLCs, LPs, and other types of business entities. 

You may have a question about why people want to incorporate in Delaware. So, there are many reasons behind the popularity of Delaware's incorporation. The first and most important reason is the Delaware Court of Chancery. It focuses on corporate disputes, and it handles cases quickly and efficiently. Also, the cost of incorporating in Delaware is lower than in other states, and most investors prefer Delaware. 

If you are concerned about security and business facilities, we can assure you of Delaware's business-friendly ecosystem. Furthermore, entrepreneurs in Delaware can get several loans, grants, and credit programs for their business growth. That's why most entrepreneurs and business owners choose Delaware as their business state. Also, Delaware offers various advantages in business laws for non-resident business owners.

Why Is Illinois Such An Attractive Place For Business Owners?

You will be surprised to know that Illinois is home to 1.2 million small businesses. And there are several types of businesses that incorporate in Illinois, including tech startups, real estate, rental or leasing, freelancing, etc.  

Illinois is beneficial for its large consumer base and well-developed infrastructure. In this state, transportation is quite flexible that it attracts e-commerce businesses. Due to its central location and easy access to major transportation routes, it has become a hub for e-commerce companies.

Furthermore, Illinois has a larger population and economy, which provides freelancers with more potential clients and business opportunities. It can make it easier to access financing and secure business loans. Illinois also offers more benefits to business owners; later, we will discuss that. 

Why form an LLC in Delaware?

Before starting a company in Delaware, you must know the best business structure to form there. If you are a non-resident and want tax benefits and a lower cost to incorporate, you can choose Delaware for your LLC company. There are several solid reasons for forming a limited liability company (LLC) in Delaware.  

  • Business-friendly laws: Delaware is renowned for its business-friendly regulations and legal system. The state has a well-established legal system that provides plain and consistent rules for businesses. 

  • Business flexibility: An LLC can provide you with maximum business flexibility. Forming an LLC in Delaware is the best choice for most small businesses because many business laws won’t apply to LLCs. 

  • Flexible Operating Agreements: Delaware's LLC laws allow business owners to customize their operating agreements according to their needs. This can provide greater control and flexibility over the management and operation of the business.

  • Tax Benefits: Delaware LLCs are more flexible compared to other business structures. Delaware does not have a state-level sales tax, and the state's corporate income tax is lower than that of other states. 

  • Easy to set up: Forming an LLC in Delaware is comparably easy. You can easily incorporate your LLC outside the state or the US if you are a non-resident. You just need a registered agent, like Business Globalizer, who can complete the entire process of setting up a Delaware LLC for you.

  • Easy to maintain: It is also easy to maintain a Delaware LLC. After forming your business, there are some minimal requirements to maintain it. This makes Delaware LLCs a great option for freelancers and non-resident business owners.

  • Easy to transfer ownership: In a Delaware LLC, it is easy to transfer business ownership. For example, if a freelancer begins to grow their business and take on bigger clients, they can easily bring partners into the LLC incorporation.

  • Strong privacy protections: Delaware offers strong privacy protections for business owners. Delaware does not disclose the names or addresses of LLC members' information. The business laws of this state protect confidential information and secure you from identity theft or fraud. 

Why you Should Choose an LLC to Incorporate in Illinois?

You may wonder which business structure can be beneficial for you in Illinois if you are living outside of the US. You can form a corporation, LLC, or sole proprietorship. But if you are a non-resident, you could form an LLC in Illinois. Because of their liability protection and taxation flexibility, Illinois LLCs are a popular choice for small businesses and freelancers. Some crucial reasons for forming an LLC in Illinois are:

  • Limited Liability Protection: One of the major benefits of forming an LLC is that it provides personal liability protection to its members. This means that if your company faces failure, your personal assets can be saved.  

  • Tax Benefits: LLCs pass through the profits and losses of the business to the individual members for tax purposes. So, it is beneficial for members to make tax savings.

  • Fewer Formalities: LLCs have fewer formalities than corporations. And it is easier and less expensive to set up and maintain.

  • Access to financing: If you form an LLC in Illinois, you can benefit from business loans and investors. 

  •  Flexible Management: LLCs have a flexible management structure. So, it allows for a variety of management and ownership arrangements. In an LLC, you can arrange your company according to your preferences. 

Advantages of Incorporating in Delaware 

You might have a question - why choose Delaware to incorporate? It's because of Delaware's several advantages. Delaware is the destination for small and large businesses. As a resident or nonresident, you can incorporate your business here. Some giant companies start their journey here. Because of several benefits, business owners choose this state for their company information. Nowadays, freelancers choose Delaware for its flexible state business laws and tax benefits. Also, you can maintain your work smoothly from outside the US. Take a look at the advantages of incorporating in Delaware below.                                                                      

  • The Court of Chancery: Instead of a traditional court system, Delaware's Court of Chancery handles business lawsuits. As a result, if any business disputes happen, it just takes minimal time to resolve them. This is the most crucial benefit of this state for businesses.

  • Tax Benefits: Delaware is an attractive state for business owners because of its tax-beneficial laws. Delaware does not have sales, business income, inheritance, or personal property taxes. Also, the franchise tax in Delaware is lower than in other states.

  • Costs: The cost of company formation in this state is relatively lower. For example, the filing fee for a Delaware LLC is $90, while the fee for a Delaware corporation is $89.

  • Simple business structure: Delaware laws allow you to form a company conveniently. You can choose an LLC, sole proprietorship, or corporation. And the incorporation process can take less than an hour to complete in Delaware.

  • Residence flexibility: You can maintain your business from anywhere in Delaware. You do not have to live in Delaware to incorporate a company there. You will just need a registered agent in Delaware. And the cost of a registered agent can vary, but you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 per year.

  • Business-friendly laws: Delaware is popular for its business-friendly laws and regulatory environment. Because of this business-friendly environment, startups grow rapidly.  

Overall, incorporating in Delaware can offer you other benefits for your business, including strong privacy protections, access to experienced professionals, increased credibility, greater flexibility, angel investors, etc. But the formation process can be a hassle for business owners. In that case, you can get professional help. They can solve all the issues related to business formation. Later in this article, we will talk about this.


Advantages of Incorporating in Illinois

Do you want to incorporate your company in Illinois as a non-resident? Yes, a non-resident or resident can incorporate a business in Illinois smoothly. The state of Illinois allows any individual or entity to form a business in the state, regardless of whether or not they are a resident. But there are some qualifies to do business in Illinois. Also, there are various advantages to incorporating in Illinois. some are -

  1. You can form a more organized business structure in Illinois with central management.

  1. Illinois gives you the chance to increase your credibility in the marketplace.

  1. You can legally grow and expand your business in Illinois while protecting your personal assets.

  1. Illinois laws provide you with contractual freedom. And this helps the member deal with their business partner smoothly without any disputes. 

  1. In Illinois, businesses and their owners can access many tax advantages. 

  1. Illinois requires minimal corporate formalities for LLCs.  

For your small business, Illinois could be a beneficial choice. But, before incorporating in Illinois, consult with a professional about your business structure and Illinois' possible opportunities. 

Incorporating in Delaware vs. Illinois (table) *Must with infographics

As a business owner, shareholder, or freelancer, you can incorporate in either Illinois or Delaware based on your business needs and the state's business environment. We will show you some information about both states to help you decide which state is best for your business. 

Business laws and regulations for Delaware vs. Illinois




Business laws and regulations

It has a well-established legal system 

it may have slightly more restrictive laws 

Court of Chancery

It has specialized courts for resolving corporate legal disputes.

No, Illinois does not have a Chancery Court.

Flexible laws

It has flexible tax laws and a business-friendly environment.

It has slightly different tax laws. 

Business costs for Delaware vs. Illinois




business costs


comparatively higher than Delaware

Filing fee

For an LLC is $90

For an LLC is $150

the additional expedited filing fee

For an LLC is $50 for a one-hour service

For an LLC is $100 for a one-day service

Registration filing time for Delaware vs. Illinois

Filing time



Standard filing time

3 to 5 weeks

3 to 4 weeks

expedited time

1 to 3 days 

1 day

Forms and Procedures for Forming an LLC in Delaware vs. Illinois

Process and Registered Agent



Business name



official address and EIN




Certificate of Formation

Articles of Organization (Form LLC-5.5)

Taxation for Delaware vs. Illinois




state corporate tax

No state corporate income tax

rate of 9.5% 

Sales tax

No sales tax


state tax

2.2 % to  5.55%

4.95 %

Franchise tax


1.5% for LLCs and also LLCs taxed as S Corporations or C Corporations on their net Illinois income

Annual report filing for Delaware vs. Illinois

Report requirements



report frequency 

LLCs don't require to file an annual report 


Date to file

March 1st of each year

within 60 days after the first day of the formation anniversary month

Cost to file

For LLCs, a $50 annual tax

$250 and $300

All filing times and fees may vary over time. In order to get the correct times and costs, you can visit the page and consult with an expert.

Delaware or Illinois: Which Would be Better for E-commerce Business

Some people may think it's best to establish their businesses in their home state, but people who live in California or outside the U.S. may be better off in a state like Delaware which is good for business. While Illinois has a larger population and economy, Delaware has exceeded our expectations. 

If you are a freelancer, self-employed, or want to incorporate your LLC, you should choose a state between Delaware And Illinois. Although both states have different advantages, Delaware offers more advantages for LLCs. 

Delaware does not have a state corporate income tax for businesses that do not have income in the state. This can be helpful for e-commerce businesses because they may not stay in the state. And also, Delaware has a large number of freelancers and e-commerce businesses. 

And because of the corporate law and a specialized court system for business disputes.

On the other hand,  Illinois also offers advantages, including a large consumer base and a well-developed infrastructure for shipping and logistics. It attracts some e-commerce businesses. 

Ultimately, deciding whether to incorporate in Delaware or Illinois will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific needs and goals of your business. But businesses outside the US mostly choose Delaware due to the Delaware tax system, flexible laws, and business-friendly environment.

How can Business Globalizer help you choose your business destination?

If you are confused about choosing a state for your company's incorporation, you can get professional help from Business Globalizer. We specialize in providing a number of business solutions, such as company formation, business consultation, banking solutions, tax registration, payment gateways, business tax preparation, and tax submission. If you are a non-resident and can't decide between Delaware and Illinois, which state would be beneficial for your business, our business consulting experts can help you decide according to your business purposes. 


Is it necessary to live in Delaware to incorporate there?

You do not have to live in Delaware to incorporate your company there. You will just need a registered agent with an address within the state to accept lawsuits and other legal documents on your company’s behalf.

Should I form an LLC for my online business?

Yes, you need an LLC if you want to run your online business on a large scale. An LLC is the best solution to separate your assets from the company, especially during legal disputes.

Is it tough to incorporate a business in Delaware?

No, With professional help, incorporating a business in Delaware is a simple process. Thanks to Business Globalizer for their excellent services for business incorporation. 

Bottom Line

Both Delaware and Illinois have advantages and disadvantages for e-commerce businesses. But, With a Delaware LLC, your business will grow faster. Furthermore, you should consult with legal and financial professionals before deciding on incorporation or doing business in either state.

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