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If you're thinking of setting up a business, you might wonder which country is the best place to do it. Well, we have good news! For many reasons, the UK is the ideal location to start your business. It consistently ranks as one of the world’s most entrepreneur- and start-up-friendly nations.

Why Choose The UK As Your Next Destination?

The UK is an excellent place for a business because it has a highly developed economy and a lot of established infrastructure. This makes it simpler for businesses to launch and locate clients and suppliers. Additionally, a wide range of business services is offered, including legal and financial counsel.

The World Bank's 2019 "Doing Business" report has ranked the UK as the 8th most accessible country to do business. The UK has a stable economy and political system, which makes it an attractive destination for companies that want to avoid unstable or risky environments. The cost of living in the UK is relatively low compared to other developed countries. This makes it an attractive option for businesses that want to save on costs. In fact, some of the world's most well-known companies are based in the UK – just think of Coca-Cola, Barclays, and Virgin Atlantic.

Top Reasons To Consider The UK For Expansion

The UK has a lot to offer new entrepreneurs, although it may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of starting a business. There are many benefits to opening a business here, including a supportive government and a skilled labor force. Below are just a few of them:

1. English is the Language of Business 

Communication is one of the most difficult challenges faced by international expansion. The more effectively they communicate, the more success they enjoy. Since the British Empire dominated globally, most people in the world are comfortable using English in their professional space. 

This is the primary reason why a majority of the world's largest firms use only English in their workplaces. 

2. It's Easy to Set Up a Company 

In the UK, forming a business is a relatively simple process that can be completed online. Without ever setting foot inside the nation, it is possible to establish a business. Because of how fair and predictable the UK legal system is, businesses can operate here with a high degree of certainty. 

Hence, it is the perfect jurisdiction for companies looking to reduce risk and maximize opportunity.

3. Favourable Tax Rates 

The UK is desirable for businesses looking to reduce their tax burden because it has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. Businesses of all sizes can also take advantage of various tax breaks and incentives. Numerous tax reliefs and exemptions are available for companies of all sizes, and corporation tax is only 19%. This makes it preferable for companies looking to establish or grow their operations in Europe.

4. Access to European Markets 

Businesses in the United Kingdom that are also members of the European Union have access to a market with more than 500 million consumers and gain from free trade. Gaining a stronghold in this lucrative industry is made possible by establishing a business in the United Kingdom. 

Companies who want to do business in Europe find the United Kingdom an appropriate base since it provides easy access to both the European Union single market and the larger European market.

5. A Skilled Workforce 

The UK has a highly educated workforce, with over 40% of adults holding a tertiary degree. Whether you're looking for accountants, engineers, or marketing experts, you'll find them in abundance in the UK. The highly educated and talented workforce is ideal for industries that need specialized knowledge and abilities. 

In addition, compared to other industrialized nations, the cost of labour in the UK is comparatively inexpensive, which makes it very convenient for new businesses. 

6. World-Class Location

The UK is home to some of the most advanced infrastructures in Europe, including a vast transportation network and some of the fastest broadband speeds. This facilitates the efficient functioning of businesses.

The UK is ideally located for business with Europe and North America. Thanks to ports in significant cities like London and Liverpool, it is easier to import and export goods and services. Also, you can rest assured about communication problems with clients or customers because the time zone is convenient for both East Coast and West Coast organizations.

7. A Vibrant Culture 

The UK is home to diverse cultures and communities, giving businesses access to a plethora of talent and creativity. There is always something fresh to discover in the UK, from fashion to food, art to music. It is a desirable location for firms seeking to draw clients with refined preferences and an open mind to emerging trends because of its dynamic culture. The UK's rich media landscape makes marketing and business promotion easier.

8. A Safe and Secure Country 

The UK is a safe and stable country with a low crime rate. This makes it an ideal place to do business, especially if you want to expand internationally. The government of the United Kingdom is very supportive of businesses. They have many programs and initiatives designed to help companies to grow and thrive. One such program is called "Start-Up Britain," which provides mentorship, funding, and advice to entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses. 

9. Vibrant Economy

The economy of the United Kingdom is consistently ranked as one of the most dynamic in the world. The Globe Bank ranks the economy of the United Kingdom as the fifth largest in the world. This indicates that many options are available to firms in the United Kingdom to succeed. In addition, the UK's workforce is highly educated, making it an ideal location for companies that are looking to expand their current operations.

10. The UK is Home to Some of The World's Leading Universities

The country is home to some of the world's leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics, which produce graduates who are highly sought-after by employers. In addition, many international students choose to study in the UK each year, which means that there's a constant stream of new talent arriving in the country.


The UK is an ideal location for businesses. It's centrally located in Europe, which makes it easy to do business with other European countries. It has excellent transportation links within the country and other parts of the world. 

And, of course, let's not forget about the time zone! The UK is in the same time zone as many other European countries, making coordinating conference calls and video meetings easy. 

Starting a business in the UK has a lot of benefits. Look no further than the UK if you're seeking a nation with an advantageous tax system, a strong legal system, a talented workforce, and simple access to European markets!

So what are you waiting for? Start planning to set up your business in the UK today!

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